The octagon “big mouth” front grille name is the Korean version of “Prado” with a large beam with 2.2T

In the hardcore SUV market, Prado is the “God of War”, even if it is a big fire fight with Germany and the United States, Prado’s performance is not disappointing. Limited, durable off-road performance makes it a landscape on the Sichuan-Tibet line.

However, this time, the SUV I want to say is known as the Korean version of “Prado”. It is from the Korean hardist SUV manufacturing expert Shuanglong brand. This SUV is a hard-saving flagship model, which is Shuanglong Rasite.

Recently, 2021 Rest’s official map was exposed, from the look, Lest’s design style and traditional hardist SUV is significantly different, there is no square look and large tire Highlight the temperament. Relatively speaking, it integrates a lot of trend elements in its design. For example, the new Leever face has a high-ranking octagonal “big mouth” front grille, chrome-plated point-stained design makes the whole vehicle look more refined, with the new The LED light source cooperates, and the visual effect is more prominent. A little Audi Q5L feel.

However, the side shape is quite rough, there is no chic shape, and the tail and side shape are very thick. The interior design is not very colorful. There is not so many technological equipment, and there is no dazzling big screen. The interior is a black layout. It is not as stunning today.

This new car can become Korean version of Prado, mainly because TA “with the beam”, Resti is very hard in cross-country performance. The new Rest Power System continues to be equipped with a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine + 8 speed automatic transmission, maximum power of 199 hp, peak torque 441 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. In addition to the blessing of the four-wheel drive system of electric control, the ability of the Ruth is not bad. From the kernel implementation, Rest is still a pure hardware soldier.

Ghost Truck View: Old Lests have sold in China, but in China performance is general. It is reported that after this new car is equipped with RMB, the price is around 340,000 -36 million yuan. From the price, it is still high. The relative overall product is not absolutely too colorful, which may be an important reason why it has been selling! So, for this new car, fans haveWhat is it? Please continue your message.

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