The original car with 17-inch wheels, can be changed to 18 inch, 19 inch do?

With the popularity of the automobile industry development and car culture, there has been a car enthusiast, they love the car, the car will go in-depth understanding and loving modified their car; the most common is the modification of the tire, put on big the size of the wheels and flat tires than the ultra-low, so that the whole body look slender lot, is particularly domineering, so some of the car is not very deep understanding of private car drivers also want to join the ranks, the original 17-inch wheels can It can not be converted into a 18-inch or 19-inch? What is the impact on the car?

Today, we are concerned that modified car wheels. It comprises a hub wheel, tire, wheel cover and the wheel trim arc decorations, automobile equivalent ldquo; shoe rdquo ;.
If only the conversion of the tire, then, increase the size of the largest effects are increased fuel consumption, prolonged hundred kilometers acceleration, also affect the further brake;
Characteristics of the large size of the tire is the tire width smaller than flat, is He said tire looks particularly flat, but the flat tire, the thinner the thickness, the worse the shock absorption function, in terms of comfort will make a greater dedication. Such as stones and a slightly Ge, tire damage is very simple.
If the modified 18-inch, small amplitude modification, the braking system would not move.
If the change is 19 inches, the minimum fuel consumption and more than 1.3 times, but not enough brakes, original car brakes are single piston, if the increase is too large, you need to be retrofitted on the brakes.

advantage is taller on the atmosphere, beautiful hub for large inch, should change a flat tire, greatly increases the contact area of ​​the hub, so that your car grip function and the brake function travels substantially traveling, controlling the make you safer.
large wheels with flat tires, your car will play a most important function in the corners, controlling the satisfaction of your needs. The benefits of a flat tire is a high degree of safety: tread widened, a large contact area, to enhance grip, so security is high.

so that the tires do not upgrade just to upgrade tires, rims have to upgrade, rims, also known as wheels, rims, from the material point of view are: steel rim and aluminum wheels, also in Japan as well as the appearance of new plastic rim, but not yet universal, is currently being used only for mini cars, the most popular in the conversion market rims are aluminum alloy wheel rims, the car also uses a magnesium alloy material.
Most currently modified are modified aluminum wheels, it has many significant advantages over steel wheels: reduce non-load mass, thereby enhancing the grip; faster speed small mass; increase rigidity; enhance the cooling effect; improved comfort.

is determined to be replaced may be selected after the tire rim, the rim then determined after determining the width of the diameter. Rim sizes. In the modified import rim overall dimensions have increased 1in (Plus One) and increase 2in (Plus Two) saying, meaning that the wheel rim on the basis of the original rim diameter and width while increasing 1in or while increasing 2in. The original use of 14in * 6in rim with 205/70 R14 tires, Plus One is to use the rim 15in * 7in, coupled with a 215/60 R15 tire, and the tire can be widened both wheels remains constant diameter purpose. Similarly, Plus Two rim is 16in * 8in feature 225/50 R16 tires

Here we have a formula for reference:. = Tire diameter than the flat tire width * * 2 + inner diameter of the tire (i.e. the rim diameter). Whether or Plus One Plus Two, little change as long as the diameter of the tire, morale is acceptable, of course, calculated from the tire size is the best common market, more convenient to buy.

Finally, to remind everyone that we must find a higher degree of professional manufacturers, before conversion to make a comprehensive assessment of their car at the time of conversion, and then determine the conversion program according to their needs , pay attention to the origin of goods to prevent buy deputy factory goods during the time of purchase or fake wheels and tires.

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