The popular models gathered together, 2021 Chongqing Auto Show new car inventory

In the summer of June, the wind of the mountain city was wrapped in the hot breath of the hot window, and the city was hot and hot. On June 12th, 2021 Chongqing International Automobile Exhibition opened in the Chongqing International Expo Center. The exhibition area of ​​this auto show reached 150,000 square meters, and there were 110 car brands to participate, and more than 1,000 models were exhibited. There are many new cars that have some hot new vehicles in this car circle worth our attention. Below, let’s take everyone to see what new cars do you have to see this Chongqing Auto Show?

Kaiyi Greeting Pro

This Chongqing Auto Show, Kai Wing Trend Pro is officially released, new car provides 1.5L 5MT 1.5L CVT, 1.5T CVT total 3 power composition, and launched Jinqi, Jin Yao version, Jin Yu version, Jinhao version and Zhao Zun version of the 5 models for consumers choice.

Kai Wing “PRO uses the design of the split front grid, the diamond element inside the grill is made of Chinese classical architecture “Wing”. The B / C / D column of the dazzling world uses smoked, creating a popular suspended vehicle top. In addition, the dazzling process has launched 5 solid color 4 two-color total of 9 body painting, fashion trendy color matching catering younger aesthetic needs.

Entering the car, the interior design of the Kai Wing “PRO” exhibition “is new, double-spoke multi-function steering wheel, 10.25-inch suspended liquid crystal instrument, bright crystalline The piano-style physical buttons and “back pattern” air-conditioned air-conditioned air-conditioning in the style of the national style, make the interior of the new car plus a lot in the hearts of the editor. It is worth noting that the dazzling project will be officially launched at the end of June, don’t miss it.

Beiqi Rui Xiang X5

Many friends have never heard of the brand of Beiqi Ruixiang before, in fact it is It is renamed by Beiqi Yinxiang, which is a whole-vehicle manufacturing enterprise created by Chongqing, Hechuan District and Beiqi Group. This auto showThis “new friend” brought us the first SUV model – Beiqi Rui Xiang X5.

Beiqi Ruixiang X5 has exaggerated front face shape, large-sized straight water filling grill is very eye-catching. In the middle of the grille, Ruixiang X5 uses a new brand logo, and the fundered star model is quite delicate with fine metal texture. In addition, Ruixiang X5 also added a red decorative piece in the fog lamp area, and the dynamic breath was born.

It is understood that after launching Ruixiang X5, Beiqi Rui Xiang will also launch a variety of new energy and fuel models including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It is expected that this year will reach 50,000. In the future, Beiqi Rui Xiang will also build a line experience center, urban exhibition hall, mobile booth, smart store, online marketing platform and other multi-line channels to provide services for users, do not know if you are optimistic about this new brand in front of the screen ?

2022 Linken adventurers

2022 Linken adventurers officially listed in this auto show, launch 5 configuration models The price range is RMB 246,800-134.58 million. As a medium-term change model, 2022 Linken Adventurers mainly upgraded in configuration, showing the brand concept of Lincoln “luxury, self-owned road”.

The 2022 adventurer is on the basis of continuing the design of the previous generation model, and it is replaced with a larger size wheel shape, of which The Elegant version of the wheel is upgraded to 19 inches, and the top with the hub of the top-bearing version is 20 inches.

Entering the car, the American luxurious design is demonstrated by the 2022 adventurers. The new car uses T-type central control layout, which is equipped with a full liquid crystal meter and a 12.8-inch suspended medium control screen, and has built-in Sync intelligent interconnection system, so that new cars will not lose technology while the new car is luxurious. In addition, 2022 adventurers also increase the synergy of the road, and can accurately predict traffic lights in the front road.

In terms of power, 2022 adventurers continue to carry 2.0T engines, match 8-speed hand-in-one gearbox in transmission, and provide two drives and four-wheel drive type for consumption Select.

Ford vertenect PHEV

Ford acute PHEV is officially launched in this Chongqing Auto Show, priced at 208,000 yuan. The biggest highlight of the new car is to carry a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.5T engine motors, not only enriched the perfection of the alone product matrix, but also provides consumers with a more diverse car choices.

Ford vertenever PHEV continues the design of the fuel version in the appearance, the front design is full of soft-grid, the big mouth-on-air grid is used inside with a bright crystalline The strip, with both sides of the LED headlights outlined out the full face outline of the new car.

Ford acute PHEV car design is simple and elegant, soft material package and black high-brightening plate add some cases for new cars. Central control area, Ford vertenever PHEV uses a symmetric design layout, 12.3-inch suspended central control large-screen SYNC system, has an open-range resource iQiyi car version, QQ music, Himalayan and other entertainment App.

Ford acute PHEV is created based on Ford’s new fourth-generation hybrid system, and the system is more than 178 kilowatts, and the pure battery life is 77 kilometers. Match the E-CVT gearbox. It is worth noting that this mixing system has important significance for Ford, and it will be expected to be applied to Ford’s a variety of models.

Great Wall Artillery

Which pickup in this Chongqing Auto Show is the highest, then of course the Great Wall Artillery Belong. As a relatively rare double-door short-axis, the Great Wall Artillery is not only more converged in the design, but also shorter body size is also more suitable for outdoor off-road. With the price of 17The Great Wall Artillery of 980,000 yuan is officially listed, and the Great Wall Picard will add new army.

The Great Wall Artillery Based on the tank platform, the black-proof off-road suite and the off-road tire are given the rough temperament of this new car. The Great Wall Artillery is equipped with a high-posture chassis, which is more stable under the conditions of complex pavement, while matching the longitudinal direction of the 28 degree through the angle and 249 mm to maximize the passing performance of the artillery.

The Great Wall Artillery is equipped with off-road configuration, and there is a country in which the country’s first off-road side is advertised. The genetic properties of the artillery areas. On the power, the Great Wall Artillery is also the same, the 2.0T engine can explode the maximum power of 160 kW, and there is also a seven full-top-edge control mode including snow, mud, sand, and sand. Such a Great Wall artillery, how can it be the heart of a cross-country enthusiast?

Guangqi Aion S Plus

Guangqi Yan can be said to be a foot pad for the debut of AION S Plus, before The name of the world’s lowest wind-resistant concept car is also earned to Aion S Plus. In addition to the 0.211 vehicle wind resistance coefficient, a new car is also equipped with a maximum of 150 kW.

AION S PLUS principle concept car ENO.146, adopted “with windplastic, spindle, wind blade “The family’s latest design language. Indeed, AION S Plus Whole Body Design Welcome Nature, Elegant Line Use Outline Writing Appearance. It is worth noting that AION S Plus replaces a new LOGO logo, and provides ice spoofer, holographic silver, quantum color 6 body colors.

Enter the car, fashion simplicity is AION S Plus’s largest label. The new car canceled the physical buttons of the central control area, and silver in the bodyDecoration of chrome chrome trim and piano paint, in addition, AION S Plus is equipped with 1.9 square meters of oversized sunroof, which uses third-generation flexible electrochromic techniques to isolate 99.9 percent ultraviolet rays.

AION S Plus compared to AION S with a large increase in power, and its permanent magnet motor exploded to have a maximum power of 150 kW, and There are 410 km, 510 km and 620 km from 320 km.

Changan Europe X7 PLUS

Changan Oushan’s first PLUS flagship product X7 plus officially unveiled in Chongqing Auto Show, new car appearance style Exquisite atmosphere, power is equipped with Changan’s latest generation of blue whale 1.5T engines, matching 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

Changan European X7 Plus Fang Zhengxiang’s body style is very pleased, the front face is equipped with a diamond element in the large size of the network And connected to the long headlights with a thick black ornament. Changan Europe X7 Plus is decorated with red trims in the mist lamp area and the side skirt, and the stabilized body temperament is exposed to a unpleasant wild atmosphere.

Changan Europe X7 PLUS The calm temperament is outside, relative to the epidemic trend of simple interiors, X7 Plus deliberately retains a row of physical buttons in the central control area. In addition, the clear UI interface and exquisite electronic blocking design also make people seem to be in the fighter cabin.

After this auto show is officially released, Changan Europe X7 Plus will usher in the listing, forming a high and low match with Ou Shang X7, and the main 120,000 -15 million yuan. Price range. Do you look at this new flagship of Changan Europe?

Buy the car, said:

For the bought of the car, this is heavyThe Qingxing Show can only be “small wind, Xiaolang”. Although the scale cannot be compared with the international auto show, there is still a lot of new cars with a very much attention to the public’s attention. In addition to the hot breath of the window, I don’t know if there is any desire to buy your car.

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