The price of 5.78-6.28 ten thousand yuan Po Chun added two 310W automatic models

[ Chexun Wang reported ] December 10, 2019, launched a new Baojun 310W 1.5L automatic enjoy fresh fun in type and automatic type two automatic models, priced at 5.78-6.28 ten thousand yuan , are the country six models. The new model continues the 310W cars Yan high value, large space, multi-functional characteristics, and further reduce purchase threshold, for the life and career of more new era of aspiring young escort.

multifunction amazing space, the National jiajiao wise choice

Po Chun 310W new models targeted at ldquo; 5 Wan Ji automatic car rdquo ;, we not only have the same level of maximum fixed volume of 740L trunk, full-flat rear seats recline, but also instantly unlock 1460L large space, is the cause of the rise of the young caring, wise choice . At the same time, new models 2750mm wheelbase has also brought large space inside the car more disposable and second row legroom than 584mm reach the same level, comfortable sitting position so that every family to enjoy the supreme VIP treatment.

young and dynamic modeling, have both practical and decent

310W Po Chun had become the classic design, young and dynamic. Sharp lens lanterns and neat two spoke-shaped chrome grille matched, highlighting the front face of superior beauty and temperament, so control has a distinctive taste. Interior black or cream color, low-key but without losing the atmosphere, in the control region using ingenuity gray water transfer instrument panel trim brighten the interior atmosphere, to sophisticated materials everywhere more comfortable for the occupants ride experience.

young fashion design, so enjoy the ride becomes; simple and practical feature set, refresh driving experience. Po Chun 310W + gearshift knob equipped with paddles, so that the pursuit of simple novice drivers and older drivers pay attention to driving experience, which can appreciate the driving pleasure. At the same time, a number of new models of security technology to provide users with comprehensive protection, ESC vehicle stability system can take the initiative to amend the vehicle understeer or oversteer, all the way to escort; solid tire pressureWhen monitoring a timely reminder leak and low pressure conditions, make every journey more hassle-free.

does not wait for now, cause life double harvest

as the domestic small car market Blazers, Po Chun 310 products on the market three years ownership has reached more than 450,000, had aspirations to own-brand car sales in the first list, and long-term domestic small car market sales leader.

Po Chun Yan 310W combines ultra-high value, large space and economic practicality, can be described as a stand out of the market, so that young users for the life of struggle, but also can balance life and career. Now, this star model augmented by a further two new models, with the same quality, more economical purchase price, to provide car wise choice of 20-year-old, especially young people who have just entered the community.

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