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The season is alternate to be alert, and it is not careful to burn the bad engine.

Spring willows have always been a problem that let the owners headache. Although the epidemic let everyone put a mask, avoid the embarrassment of the Liu Liu’s nasal, but where is the mask from the car?

In the face of the celestial flies, the owners do not open the window. Because catkins will bring trouble and safety hazards to your car. In this special season, how should we deal with catkins, what should I pay attention to? Today, let’s talk about it.

What places need to be cleaned with Wickel
1, condenser and water tank
[ 123] Due to most of the air conditioner condenser and the water tank in the front of the front, it is a previous layout, which is easy to collect insects, catkins, or other foreign matter.
However, willow tecks ​​tend to cover too much on the condenser, which will pass through the heat dissipation hole of the condenser, blown to the surface of the water tank, accumulate Between the condenser and the water tank.
If the car water tank stacked too much catkins, it will cause the water tank to heat dissipation, causing the engine operating temperature to rise, which will affect the engine operation.

If you want to completely clean the wickets on the clean water tank, you may need to remove the bumper and the condenser, etc., depending on the model.

At the cleaning tank and condenser, you should pay attention to the following two points:

1, Willow can not be flush directly with water
Wickets are easily absorbed, if direct Flushing with water, it will cause the willow stick sticking on the water tank, it is more difficult to clean.
So, the willow chips of the water tank should be blown off with high pressure air guns. After that, use a professional cleaning agent for solubleSolution and cleaning.
2, the condenser cannot be rinsed with high pressure

The catkins on the condenser need to be purged with an air gun without being too close to the surface of the condenser, and the condenser cannot be directly flush with the high pressure water gun. Because high pressure water guns can cause curved deformation of the heat sink, or damage.

The correct condenser cleaning is to dissolve with a professional cleaning agent, and the condenser is pulled by a shower or a low pressure water gun.

In addition to cleaning the water tank and the tip of the condenser, it can also be ldquo; active protective RDQUO; Online or some physical stores can buy protective nets, the protective network is usually fixed to the front end of the condenser, the inside of the bumper, which will greatly reduce the willow blow to the water tank and prevent some of the flying insects from hitting the condenser.

However, the protective network is still not extremely popular, the special type of protective network is limited, some car owners can’t buy the protective net of their car models, a little regret.


air filter, air conditioner filter

[ 123]

In the car, the catkins are easy to enter the engine compartment and inlet, so the air filter and air conditioning filter of the car will block Many catins.

The time is too long, and there is too much in the filter element, which will affect the filtration. The automotive air conditioning filter will have a odor and will reduce the air volume. The air filter can affect the engine intake, causing insufficient combustion, more seriously, can cause engine jitter.

These two filter cartridges can be removed with high pressure air to blow off the willow and dirt, and need to replace the new filter in a timely manner.

Second, parking should not stop in the willow heap


On the road, we can often discover a bunch of piles of caught pottes, and some are blown up by the wind, some are sanitation workers sweep together. It is worth noting that there is flammable, so do not stop in the will not stop in the parking, so as to avoid self-ignition of the vehicle.

Whether I still remember that the fire in Beijing Crab Island Parking lot is because igniting the bust of a car, so the parking is far from the willow necessary.

Every spring, everyone is in and catkins ldquo; fighting RDQUO;, willows bring some trouble to people’s life. Therefore, correctly deal with the willow, how to deal with the car after the willow, is the owner needs to learn and pay attention. The car is everywhere, which is what you have done in response to the spring of the city.

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