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The simplest drive

First parking position You have to choose good:

1. Don’t stop parking in the mice easy to breed, such as garbage reactor, water ditch or grass;

2. Stop It is not easy to time in a position, and it is necessary to observe the site sealing site, whether it is leak, damaged. It often enters the car through these parts;

3. To ensure the cleaning of your own vehicle, such as try not to put food in the driving building, cookies, edible garbage should be dealt with. Open window ventilation, you should close the doors and windows when you leave the car;

4. Check if your air conditioner external import and exit air filter cover has dropped damage.

5. Put the mortade in the engine cabin, or camphor. Principle: Using the rats of olfactory and taste more developed, using all plant extracts, commonly known as LDQUO; plant cat rdquo;, the smell is effective to effectively drive the mouse.

Spray chassis armor can effectively prevent the chassis pipe rusty corrosion, 3M, Han higher brands are good, if the manufacturer has already packaged or don’t want to spray the chassis armor, the engine is still necessary to install it. of. On the one hand, the engine under the engine can effectively protect the outside of the engine, once it is a bump or off-road section, the ground scratching the threat of the engine is very large, and there is a lot of protective psychology of the engine under the engine. On the other hand, the engine under the engine can effectively prevent the mud, rain and snow for the erosion of the engine, especially instead of a part of the chassis armor to effectively protect the car, and can avoid the animal and other animals such as the cat. Finally, it is recommended to use a resin material engine under the engine, which is not like a metal material, and resonance is generated because the screws are not tit or the material problem.

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