The strongest joint, red HS7 F-20 Special Edition debut, full details of the highlights

Recently, the editors learned from relevant channels, launched a red flag red flag HS7 and F-20 fighter jointly special edition models. From the exterior, the new car is changing, mainly the addition of a lot of content with the F-20 characteristics, such as Tessera flowers and airplane logo. Had to sigh about, it really can be called a “joint history of the strongest.”

little change in the front car, in which mainly focused on the body side changes, more straight lines, five-spoke alloy wheels bis glossy look of the new car up a little more sense of technology. In addition, the new car pull flowers into a unique style F-20, it seems as if the sky is a stealth fighter, mighty domineering there are wood?

Meanwhile, as a co-branded models, there will certainly be many unique mark on it, in addition to F-20 fighter garland, there are a F-D in post position 20 fighter logo, this logo is also undoubtedly highlights the car’s special status. Rear section is also very bright spots, specifically noted the F-20 and the red flag HS7 a joint identity virtually highlights out.

Inside, there is no more picture information, but Keyiqueding that have exclusive embroidery LOGO on the F-20’s new car headrests, seat also used the camouflage put together, the whole is very prominent identity. In addition, there is nothing special about the body interior we do not know, but I believe will soon meet you.

power, although the new car as a special edition, but still continues the current model of the powertrain. It is still equipped with a self-developed CA6GV30TD FAW 3.0T direct injection type engine, the maximum power of this engine is 338 horsepower, the match is a love letter 8AT gearbox.

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