The trend of new species of Shenzhen City plans a ride

➤ Two days ago we put a small ant test drive the car Chery, yes, that is only after the price of 5.98-7.58 yuan subsidy “little cute.”

so a mini-electric car, if the evaluation, then naturally come to “commute weapon” to such a conclusion. But we think that this should not be the ultimate mission of its birth came.

Think of it, a bold urban planning for a ride so came into being.

go to places like Shenzhen, the most cultural heritage of the

there has been no time before

, or a fun car did not inspire me to this indigenous Shenzhen joyride interest of this city.

but got Chery small ant test drive of the day, sitting in the car Lisi Suo moment, a city landmark will soon have emerged out of my mind.

OCT from manhole to Bao zone, then go to the State Road 107 along Shennan Avenue, about 40 kilometers. Because short lightweight body and electric vehicle-specific acceleration, driving Chery small ant shuttle which is really Shenqingruyan, direct and decisive throttle response, steering precision, and even lead people to have the kind of trance unity of people and vehicles feel. A 50-minute drive away, feeling not a moment brushing.

▲ OCT LOFT corner

talk about culture in Shenzhen, may Beijing listening to laugh, Xi’an scorn Shanghai polite sip sip mouth. But came OCT, in fact, can truly feel the Shenzhen city cultural heritage rooted in the heart comes from her strong ability to innovate.

Shenzhen Although there is no long history, but as a young city, Shenzhen innovation drives continued upward.

with the Beijing 798, Shanghai 1933 and Guangzhou red brick and the like, OCT LOFT located in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen (you can call it Western style OCT-LOFT), retained the architectural form of the old plant andHistorical traces and successfully build a creative design-based fashion frontier.

But at this place I do not know how many creative spark clashes every day, walking among them, you can always feel like living in a paradise-like quiet.

can not help but think of his own over the Chery small ants, if you look very carefully, in fact, this car has close to the OCT LOFT tonality.

It is a new energy built by Chery pure electric car, and Chery small ant design is also very creative. Ants are small, the designers also did not recover from, given the small ant new design language, such as the front face of a large X-shaped, flanked by vertical LED running lights, very distinct personality.

The body side also prescribe through longitudinal fold line such that more ant look younger, sporty. Tail design is color, extending from the lower part of the bumper to the roof of the black trim make the ant looks more the feeling of Smart, playful image of the whole people are very willing to close.

driving a Chery small ants walking in this quiet literary and creative field, you will find this car even with the surrounding environment There is no sense of violation and.

a large corner of the Bay Area, Shenzhen Bay

not far from the OCT LOFT is the Shenzhen Bay Area, but the two separated by 12 kilometers, less than 20 minutes by car.

▲ stands behind a building that is China Resources Building – “bamboo shoots”

There are stretches nearly twenty-kilometer-long Shenzhen Bay Park coastal recreation zone the famous China Resources Group headquarters, “bamboo shoots” building is located here, in addition had served as the main stadium of the Universiade Shenzhen Bay, “Spring Cocoons” Sports Center, as well as an important corridor linking Shenzhen and Hong Kong – Shenzhen Bay Bridge.

before the chat “bamboo shoots” building, we first talk about the Shenzhen Bay Bridge.

▲ Shenzhen Bay Bridge

▲ Shenzhen Bay waterfront recreation zone

No doubt, the Shenzhen Bay Bridge is an important link between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as following the Luohu and Huanggang and Sha Tau Kok Article 4 boundary crossing, highway bridge highway network in China and Hong Kong, the first connection . Once you have the Shenzhen Bay Bridge, connecting Shenzhen and Hong Kong can be said that in the West is considered really holding hands, from Guangzhou to Hong Kong will be shortened to 100 kilometers.

while China Resources Group headquarters, “bamboo shoots” peculiar shape of the building places (exactly like bamboo shoots) be remembered.

The following stand looking, in addition peculiar shape, “shoots” is different from the structure of the building, with its rounded curves other equivalent height building, is made of steel column made oblique grid of the top is made of steel columns apex cone. This lightweight and environmentally friendly design, so that “shoots” became the height of 250 meters in the same building steel building materials minimal.

While the reinforced concrete buildings and cars are two different forms of the carrier of the birth of the industrial age, but the design aesthetics and safety concept but it has a lot in common.

▲ images from Chery New Energy official website

As my eyes this Chery small ant, body structure in addition to the design take into account the shape and space beauty, more security framework to take into account the vehicle, so Chery’s engineering team in the design of this car, it is a blessing aluminum ring 3R-bODY high-strength body frame, body under such a small Prerequisites also ensure the safety of five-star standard, while the aluminum material also helps to reduce the weight of the frame, in order to achieve higher power efficiency, longer mileage. Speaking of which, in fact, any car a good product, to some extent, can be said to crystallize aesthetics and engineering.

compared to just building, security concept car is not confined to the physical level of the body. Lord, take into account the safety of a car is the least qualified quality.

In addition to such small ants do Chery high level of safety in terms of hardware, the body, in the security configuration is also done with a conscience. It is the only sibling with a C-ESC electronic stability system of the vehicle, also equipped with a digital display TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, have done the same level of the best level.

As an electric car, we are most concerned about at the three-level system security, Chery small ants count done to the highest standards within the capacity of the – the use of third electric technology platform it has high-voltage power protection, automatic power-off function of the collision, the water level reached the IP67 rating, Chery new energy also provides a three-level system of lifetime warranty.

Therefore, driving an electric car so, nothing to worry about security issues. Of course, obey the traffic rules is to ensure the safety of the premise.

downtown Shenzhen, head of the reach is busy

“downtown” concept, speaking more extensive, it contains elements of business, entertainment, culture, administration, etc., for Shenzhen, the Futian District, it can be said is now recognized as the city center.

Despite the crowded, traffic congestion, but in a city for a ride, not downtown shopping, is absolutely justified.

▲ Shenzhen central area of ​​the whole picture

Shenzhen, the central area of ​​the heart is divided into three parts, namely, South Area, North Area and Lotus Hill Park see you first arrive which position, but no matter from which direction to experience the city center of Shenzhen, can feel the pulse of the city resist.

▲ Shenzhen Concert Hall

▲ Shenzhen Civic Center

▲ Shenzhen Children’s Palace

▲ Shenzhen convention and Exhibition Center

where South Area is the city business center, high-rise buildings; North Area is the administrative, cultural centers, including the Civic Center is a one of Shenzhen Municipal people’s government and the Shenzhen Municipal people’s Congress, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen halls and other buildings as an integrated multi-functional building, Shenzhen is also the most representative, it is worth to spend a afternoon a good feel.

and the Lotus Hill is the most famous leisure park in Shenzhen, the summit is to watch the Futian District light show (everyFriday and Saturday night at 19:00 and 20:00 respectively staged, and the best location in the holidays will open a multi-21:00) of. Climb the hill you will see the statue stands a chief architect of reform and opening up, Comrade Deng Xiaoping.

Everyone knows that 40 years ago, precisely because of Deng Xiaoping in the South China Sea side of the draw this circle, only Shenzhen today.

standing in front of the statue of Deng Xiaoping, looking toward the heart of the central area of ​​Shenzhen, with firm strides of his face, like a guide in Shenzhen people should firmly moving towards a more prosperous and prosperous direction. This time as Shenzhen indigenous really inexplicable heart was touched for a while. I thought to myself, if he could not have it without me ……

▲ lotus hill to watch the light show

Of course, if you want to Lotus Hill watch the light show performances, it may not climb the Lotus Peak, sitting Chery small ant inside, turn on the same level unique panoramic backdrop, you can enjoy in this cozy little space colorful night, ha ha ……

driving a Chery small ant been two days, more and more think this car really won my heart, across advantages, the thought of its price, ah, delicious!

so a meter car, the car and 10-inch LCD screen, and full, and even parked on the roadside at night, hiding in the car in a daze , looking around the LCD instrument panel and echoed around street lamps and all kinds of neon light, will find life in the city, so there is a very good car to accompany themselves, do not have to face the BBA.

have to say that 2019 models Chery small ant increase in two-tone body design, and blackened headlights background, the small ant in this dazzling the night more lovely.

foraging “Villages”

If you do not want to upscale restaurants in downtown Zhuangqiang, so at the moment I would very highly recommend the villages in the city of Shenzhen.

Although Shenzhen is so unlike other major cities in China has a very strong local characteristics of the food, but in Shenzhen, to find some of the blocks have the atmosphere of downtown, has not been difficult, “Villages” is a good place.

possible other cities so-called villages, refers to the city’s old town, the standard of living is relatively low, but for Shenzhen, the “Villages” meaning not the case, Indeed Shenzhen’s “urban village” has been largely transformed, to keep up with the pace of modern life Area, but they retain many of the traditional flavor and original name, and also very lively.

such as the sable, sable under, Huanggang Village, Shenzhen are the famous “villages.”

away places like foraging, driving a Chery small ants, about the maneuvers is the most appropriate, we selected a network quite red flavor of the “village” – the water village.

From the Lotus Hill city center, to the water village is almost five kilometers, a few minutes you can reach. Subway traffic is very convenient, if not usually change for the cart, I might choose subway travel, but Chery small ants do not give me this burden.

As the water village location not far from Hong Kong, usually there will be many Hong Kong compatriots came to the water village in leisure time eating and drinking. Here, the restaurant owner will mingle with the guests, during the World Cup last year, almost every store will be prepared at least one television set, for guests to come here eating drinkin watching.

Many popular restaurants will be to find a suitable location to open stores, for example, this time we eat this beef to Chaoshan Shantou featuring eight co-Caspian Kee beef shop, which originated in Shantou, but in Shenzhen it can be said to be known to everybody, Shenzhen people want to eat fresh beef is going to be thought of this store.

as well as Sichuan hot pot restaurants, this old pot of duck named Tan, they first store in Shenzhen siting on the election in the water village, business is very good, almost to a day in the evening, will line up for the start bit. If you come late, a row twenty-three hours are commonplace, this want to eat dinner, only to become a midnight snack to eat.

each group is away from an array of words even snacksNext, desserts, barbecue, refreshments, crayfish, crabs, as long as you want food, water village can give you handed. If not, Huanggang Village next to be outdone, had a noisy street is another village.

After a turn to the next one, on such occasions, each time you open the door I always seem to catch a glimpse of flashing not far from envy.

in the crowded village where parking is always persistent problem, short of the body is very beneficial to drill into some of the narrow parking spaces, turn U-turn than the average car is much more flexible. Imagine that you park the car than others, not to get earlier allelic number plate of a restaurant than others?

all the way east, the direction of Shenzhen people leisure

Chery small ants because of this only to test drive the car to the four-day period of use, the indicators in order to fully experience this car, before I have focused on urban road experience. The real control, I was intentionally left to the end, Zhaoliaoyichu very appropriate road to fully experience.

– “Little ants!”

– “I’m listening.”

– “Navigate to OCT East.”

[123 after]

these days I’m used to the car by AI intelligent voice, so that small ants complete set of navigation operations on their own, want to hear what song, are also directly tell it by the AI ​​voice. This small ant AI Intelligent Voice also supports custom wake-up word, you do not have to call it “Little Ant”, you can also call it “little darling”, will do as long as you like, more fun.

yesterday afternoon to see the mileage these days to run almost, very easy to find a nearby filling stations. Shenzhen as the first in China to develop and promote electric vehicles in the city, charging facilities is still quite perfect. Chery small ant DC fast charge battery can be charged to 80 percentage in a half hour’s time, while AC slow charge, then you need seven hours you can put a full charge.

Many people will Shenzhen on holidays or weekendsChoose to relax the eastern suburbs, the road will be relatively further away. But Chery small ants have 301 kilometers of full power endurance mileage, not in the big city of Shenzhen itself, can be said that no matter where pressure.

but our trip to the eastern OCT, is not directed at these scenic spots go, but in order to complete the final test session – Chery experience some small ants dynamic performance.

Here the mountain is often gathered in Shenzhen to play a lot of car people cars, pavement complete, scenery beautiful environment, Shenzhen commissioning the Holy Land.

Although only a few small ants Chery 41 horsepower, since the output characteristics of the motor simply direct confidential than gasoline, it does not look like open only 41 horsepower vehicle. Even in the uphill section, but also to ensure that power goes to.

because the body is very short, the performance of small ants in the corners of the mountain is difficult to compare the normal size models, cornering limit is not low, you can even accurate in their driveway outside – inside – outside trace, so some appear to bend hurry, but at the foot of a small ant has become more than expected to slow a.

by a few days before the test drive I already know this car can not look down upon small ant, with rear-drive layout after it has front and rear axle load 1: 1 ratio perfectly, there are four McPherson independent suspension system, run on the mountain is actually quite fun.

Even in downhill, small ants also exhibit superior performance.

It is equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system, recovery efforts and provide seven levels allow motorists to choose. On the road to the city, you can adjust the intensity of the recovery was lower, it can provide more natural driving experience; while on the mountain, you can put their maximum kinetic energy recovery efforts, especially when going downhill, not only can reduce the burden of the brake system, but also to the excess kinetic energy is stored in batteries, can effectively increase the mileage.

in the mountain of dynamic performance test after some small ants, look at the mileage is still surplus, so the spur of the moment to go Yangmeikeng.

Yangmeikeng located in Shenzhen Dapeng New District Street South Australia is a beautiful paradise wedding photography, many people will come here to visit the beautiful weekend with riding the way. Along the way, small ants, one-piece comfort seat provides a good parcel to ease the fatigue of a long drive.

to Yangmeikeng when the weather is just right.

there is such a rare Elegant, now I just want to sit a while in the car.

while watching this little ant to be returned immediately, went so far as to forget the.

now look at its color interior design feel very harmonious. Chery only provide orange and black color as shown, as well as blue-black color to choose from, and covers a large area of ​​cortical material on the center console, the cabin design and materials can be said to be a very hard.

either at home no extra charge and parking pile, really want to give my wife some Amway good, although these days I have been at home, he said the most is the variety of good things this Chery small ants.

return after eating seafood South Australia, all the way to listen to the little ant intelligent music recommendation system, although these days driving a small ants run around half of Shenzhen, the body is somewhat tired, but if not it could be so good times also mostly stay home abandoned out. The experience of the past few days may not be enough overall, but by this time after close contact with people, I think a city can and harmonious blending of small electric car, probably should be the case.

hope to have another chance to get along, little ants!

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