The ultimate cool look! The new Audi RS 5 official figure released!

2019 for Audi Sport is an important year, not only with its new generation of Audi RS6, RS7 debut release, and also it introduced a New Zealand North steepest SUV– RS Q8, it can be said in terms of the layout of the new car, the Audi under the foot work. However, in 2019 will be the last occasion, Audi Sport has not given up its new product launches, a few days ago, Audi RS5 Audi officially released in mid-term facelift.

[123 RS5] the mid-term facelift, including the RS 5 Coupe and RS 5 Sportback models, the most major change is that the new car’s exterior and interior changes, add individual equipment also makes the car more fresh.

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appearance, new cars are powered by the latest Audi design language family, with a new set of LED headlights, sharp and have become more recognizable. In addition, the hexagonal grille shape is also so much more flat, its inside with a black honeycomb design, with a black Audi RS Logo and identity logo, presented a very aggressive enough. There is also the front bumper of the car after the adjustment, the air inlet area greater, also has a more aerodynamic design.

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side of the body, and the black frame lines to highlight the same mirror housing sporty, side skirts and the use of a bright black material, Coupled with the sharp throughout the vehicle’s waistline, it highlights the unique temperament. It is worth mentioning that two new models come standard with 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and the official also offers 20-inch wheels in three styles to be optional, thus fit the aesthetic needs of different consumers. Brake calipers, the new car comes standard with black and red calipers, but to provide blue, red and gray calipers and carbon-ceramic brakes option.

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aspects of the tail, with the new A5 same dress style new LED taillights, Reference and form a good headlights. Further car rear bumper also been adjusted, with a bilateral common double oval exhaust, the own performance will undoubtedly reveal identity.

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interior, the overall design is consistent with the new A5, is still familiar to us on this generation of Audi models highly technological sense of atmosphere, simple and a sense of luxury expressed well. However, as a performance car, RS5 adding more elements to highlight movement, such as flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel, Alcantara unique integral movement of the seat material, everywhere RS5 logo.

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of course, the MMI car are upgraded rows, wherein the suspension control with a touch screen function, and a voice feedback, and optional MMI Navigation plus, alsoDriving temperature of the vehicle may be displayed, the longitudinal / lateral G value, tire pressure, tire temperature and other information. Further optional 12.3 inch full LCD instrument panel, can provide different styles dashboard pattern, and wherein the L-shaped style tachometer, the better to show the movement of the car sexual orientation.

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power, car equipped with familiar 2.9T V6 twin-turbo engine, the maximum power of 450 horsepower and peak torque of 600Nmiddot; m, 8 matching the transmission speed Tiptronic. Official hundred kilometers acceleration time of 3.9s, top speed of 280km / h.

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