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The first generation of March 6 was born in 2009, with its hatchback design characteristics, pioneered a new MG March, and attracted a large number at the time. Young people are favored. Time passed in the past 12 years, the third generation of Mro 6 Pro is innovated, in the current demand, the new era of playing, the third-generation Mruary 6 PRO will come out, can you push new, later? Today we will find the third-generation Mr. 6 Pro’s inside and outside design, find a cultural imprint of young people.

First, push LDQUO; orange rdquo; out of new, leading tide ldquo; 6rdquo;

1, fierce Front face, one eye

The third generation of Mr. 6 Pro relative to the second generation of Mr. 6, the official is more clearly given its positioning, because every cell from its appearance Let me feel the exercise and battle at which it wants to express. On the appearance color, the new car provides five kinds of color orange, red flag red, Yaofish black, pearl white, Sai Bo ash, etc., of which bubble orange is a new color, so that the new car is visible, warm, visual It is very impact to further excite the driver’s sports passion.

[123 The design level, from top to bottom, the entire head creative element is full. First, the hood is introduced into the hood, the upper left middle and different different levels of planes, further optimizes the aerodynamicity of the head, and the new car Mg stereo LOGO is also placed in the edge of the engine cover, very conspicuous.

Secondly, a huge front face’s March 6 Pro Whole front of the front, the first feeling is enough. The irregular polygon in the grille, such as the cheetah, the digital grille of the cartridge of the black element in the door, so that it looks well in order, in addition to the grillThe inner vertical dot matrix decoration is unsatisfactory, and the overall sense and echoing in the design of the LED headlight set are not intensified.

Finally, it is naturally a bumper, and it is also a place to modify the vehicle’s favorite. Mr. 6 Pro has a very fierce front and rear surrounding kit and adopted a colored design, which looks very fight.

2, coupe, classic inheritance

A key points that make people like it is that it has a very beautiful The coupe body attitude, the third-generation Mruary 6Pro still inherits this feature and has a new change. The new car is high as 4727/1848/1470 mm, the wheelbase is 2715 mm, which is about 23 mm relative to the current March 6, the new car is increased by 23 mm, the height increases by 4 mm, the width and the wheelbase remain unchanged, the body length increases will make the body Lines are more stretched.

From the side design, the headlight group positions to the front of the head, the line shape is rapid, so that the front of the front is more powerful and stronger. The side body part can see the design of the double waistline, so that the entire side layer is stronger, plus 18 inch blade rims and red sports calipers, showing powerful combat power. It is worth mentioning that the side C-column position, this is where the beautiful design of the slip + hiking is displayed, and the Mr. 6 Pro will pull the shoulder back, in order to squeeze the head of the passengers as little as possible Space, both extensive, and satisfied with practicality.

3, exaggerated tail, back champion killer

relative to the front face and side, in fact, the tail is better local. March 6 PRO is rich in tail, emphasizes advanced customization, showing pure European sports temperament. After the factory, you bring your own custom spoiler, remove the post-modification step, and more sensitive in place. Two-piece brake light group in the taillight group is inserted with three vertical lights, with a three-dimensional sense, and the visual effect is beautiful.

The bottom moving style kit is bonded, and the two-bilateral zero is the dignity of the sports car. The middle source is from the low vertical pilot lamp of the F1 style, which saves design space and pays tribute!

Second, new technology sports, highlight cutting edge

The third generation of Mr. 6 Pro cab adopts ldquo; new technology sports RDQUO Design theme, there is a total of gray yellow generation, black punk, two design style interiors.

The middle control tape is straight through IP and central armrests, and the desire to drive the driving. The tricyclic flat steering wheel is covered with leather and is specially treated in the left and right handshake positions. Further improve the touch, in addition to the super sport mode button, one button enters the motion mode, and the experience is more fun. The rear of the steering wheel is a full liquid crystal dashboard. It has a dynamic driving management page. It shows that the effect technology is full, and the G value, power, torque, and oil temperature can be displayed in real time. Real-time control of the first news of the vehicle movement.

The central 10.1-inchless non-blocking large screen sticker is sticker, and the display is clear. Blocking the components of the control area are highly electronically, and it is delicate, release more human space space, and the bottom large capacity storage area makes everyday use more convenient and refreshing.

Since it is exercise, then naturally, the contribution of the seat is natural, the third-generation Mr. 6 Pro use a new one-piece sports seat, let the whole vehicle interior fight atmosphere Pull. The gray yellow color, the unlimited MG mark of the headrest, the electroplating embedded decoration, delicate suture treatment, no texture of the technology movement.

The birth of the third generation of Mro 6Pro, inheriting the classic elements of the March, and pioneering a lot of colors, no matter the new design Grill or tailDivert castings, all give people full battle. Mro 6Pro does not do mediocre ordinary sedan sedan, it is necessary to do the exclusive coupe with the main science sports. In the independent brand, the automotive design has become more and more in recent years, and has achieved great progress, rather than self-branded car companies such as the martial arts, in the road to insist on designing original roads, and keep moving forward, We have seen their efforts and also saw the future of independent brand cars.

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