The weather is cold and hot, how is the automotive air conditioner use most reasonable?

The New Year has never been in the past, and the temperature in the northern region has not been able to meet the arrival of spring. However, it has been cooled in the near future. Many people feel that wearing a down jacket is hot, take off the autumn trousers to die. The climate change of the cold is also added to the owners.

Coping with such a variety of weather, is air conditioning to open the cold wind or a hot air, open cycle or external circulation, open A / C or close A / [123 ]

C, these problems put the owners are difficult enough. A lot of new cars have been configured with automatic air conditioners, even if they are tens of thousands of domestic cars. But do you really use it?

In fact,

Automatic air-conditioning automatic file (AUTO) is based on the inner sensor to control the air volume and temperature, which will calmly The temperature is compared to the inside of the car, and then judges that the blow is blown or blown.

That is to say, after the air conditioner in the car opens the automatic file, nothing has been adjusted, and it is handed over to air conditioners to adjust it.

However, users who often use automatic air-conditioning will find that when the temperature in the car is too low or too high, the air conditioner will be automatically adjusted to a large, not only the wind is large, some owners It will also feel that waste is not necessary. So, how do you deal with the automatic air conditioning is not enough smart?

To note,

If air conditioning blows

, automatic air-conditioning automatic file will open A / C by default, Start the air conditioner compressor. The outdoor temperature in the past few days is not too high, and the summer is different, so the natural air can be turned down, then if the A / C file is turned on, it has become a cumbersome feeding. Therefore,

The owner only needs to manually turn off the A / C function in the automatic gear, and open the air conditioner to the external loop.

If you suddenly cool down in the past few days, in the automatic gear mode, it is also possible to automatically turn on the A / C function for heating, which is not necessary. Requires the owner to manually turn off A / C, and then turn on the internal circulation, which is generally realized in the vehicle.

If there is no automatic air conditioner, or the owner does not want to use the automatic file, how do you deal with the temperature change of spring and cold? If the spring is cool, it is only hot, but it can not open A / C refrigeration, but let the air outside the car enters the car. can. At this time, the air conditioner temperature can be manually adjusted to 24 degrees Celsius, which can not only make the temperature in the car, but also close A / C will also save the car.
If the spring outdoor temperature suddenly drops, it is also very cold. At this time, there is no need to turn on the A / C function, in the case of natural wind, and adjust the air conditioning temperature in the car to 26 degrees Celsius, wait for the air temperature to rise to the normal operating temperature, you can realize the wind in the car.

Further, more note is that when the air conditioning temperature and the air are manually controlled, if it is turned on the natural wind blown cold, whether a hot car is still a cold car, the air volume can be adjusted any, no There will be adverse effects.

But if it is cold blown hot wind, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner first. When the vehicle is cold, take the air-conditioning hot air after driving, and then open the air conditioning hot air, because this is open to the air conditioning hot air in winter. the same.

Air conditioning hot air is heat dissipating by the engine, and heats heat through the cooling liquid to the car, belonging to the ldquo; waste utilizes RDQUO; If the vehicle is driven to the maximum air volume, it is not only blown in the cold wind, but also increases the load of the engine, but the air conditioning is slower.

Spring weather is suddenly love to love a cold, with air conditioning in the car, your car will take a health. Use air conditioning reasonably and quickly, you will also make your happiness in your way.

Please keep your use of air-conditioning skills in mind and collections, and no lonrevite the weather.

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