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The windshield is unclear, not necessarily the wiper

In the rainy day, the wiper scratching the windshield is the most distressed problem. This will not only make the driver feel unpleasant, but also threaten the driving safety of rainy days. It seems that small things, this is a big event.
However, when most car users have encountered the problem of wiper shaving the glass, the only thing that can be thought of, so use the tool to grind the rain and scraping, directly replace the wiper Ok, in short, let the wiper back this pot.

Despite it, it may solve the problem, but sometimes, when they changed the new wiper,

still shaves the glass, Why is this?



windshield Oil film

Due to the different driving environment every day, the cleaning of the windshield of the car car will also be different. Frequently absorbed the car exhaust, parked in the door of the barbecue shop, or chemically polluted in the car environment, the windshield will attach the oil film.

For the oil film on the windshield, ordinary car wash is not available at all. Only through professional windshield oil membrane ingractants or windshield depth polishing is cleaned. That is, The oil film problem of windshield causes the wiper to be scratched, but the replacement of the wiper can not.


Railout agent causes a wiper beating [123 ]

Sometimes windshields are not only scratched, but also with the wiper beating, the owners of unclear cases will once again see the wiper Culprit.

After that, some owners have never been jumped in the new car, and the wiper beats are still encountered, and the windshield is not cleaned. The wiper of the new car does not have too much loss, why still encounter such problems?

There are two reasons

1, The windshield is not enough, covering the gum, stains, etc., and the pressure between the wiper and windshields of such models is generally large, some brands, and more prone to wiper beating problems. This type of problem requires depth cleaning of windshields, but this type of cleaning is not necessarily solved. Special treatment of windshields can be required to solve problems.


The owner is applied to the windshield, which causes the windshield to be uncommon due to the problem of unevenness or product deterioration, or product deterioration. Such problems cannot be solved in the ordinary car beauty store, because the furders contain silica and other components, clean or even slight polishing can not be removed.

In such cases, if you need to remove the rumored or similar products, some professional cleaning products are needed or the windshield is deeply grinding. However, deep grinding will damage the windshield to a certain extent. Therefore, some professional products, targeted processing can be searched online.
When we use the car daily, the cleaning and maintenance of windshields is ignored many owners. In the past concept, windshield is scratched, which is the problem of wiper. It is not known that the cleaning of windshields is also an important factor in maintaining a good driving view.

Although everyone else to improve the experience of the car, even some owners have purchased the furdress, exempting, add convenience to their own driving. Sometimes it is reversed, it has caused it to himself. Therefore, Xiaobian does not recommend everyone to easily buy products on the network, and more do not recommend that there is no experience, but the owner is free to apply something on the windshield, because this may cause a certain damage to the windshield, or it is difficult to remove the applied product .

Did you encounter or have a car problem in your car? Is it effective to solve it when you encounter similar problems?

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