There are pure electric SUV life assurance, it is recommended that three

we buy a pure electric car, the most valued is the mileage performance of the vehicle. The author believes that the following three are pure electric SUV Mileage guaranteed. The first

is a Weimaraner EX5, pure electric car mileage of up to 520km. As a repairer of the new forces, Weimaraner EX5 performance is very good, its sales performance in the repairer of the new forces are also remarkable. Weimaraner EX5 is the first C-NCAP five-star safety certification of smart electric car models, the battery safety and active safety, the Weimaraner EX5’s performance is a color.

Also recommended is a pure electric SUV, love Chi U5, this pure electric SUV is the first model of love Chi automotive products. Love Chi U5 design is full of futuristic and technological sense, coupled with the hidden door handle design, impressive. In the blessing extended-range battery pack, the love Chi U5 maximum mileage up to 623km, and this mileage performance even directly challenge the Guangzhou Automobile new energy AionLX. Moreover, love Chi U5 also has L2 level autopilot function, very convenient.

The last paragraph is Wei Wei to car to ES8. Wei to ES8 after a new facelift, its maximum mileage of up to 580km, is to force. At the same time, Wei to ES8 dynamic performance is also very good, one hundred kilometers acceleration time requires only 4.9 seconds, can give the driver a strong sense of pushing back.

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