There is no one in the king of Rolls-Royce Curi South BB SUV.

2021 new Rolls-Royce Culi South BB version is great, from the appearance of the body, the smoked black kit to the luxury interior is the object of the people, the mighty Patan Temple gas grille, there is also a celebration of the god galaxy, there is a pair of laser headlights with God, more infusual is the car standard of double R


More models consultation: Huang Yumei 18948324210

22 inch smoked black plum flower hub red caliper, and the value of the body of 100,000 The waist line highlights the magnitude of Rolls Royce Culland

More models: Huang Yumei 18948324210

Let’s take a look at this interior in Kulan, interior with orange and black double color matching, and carbon fiber interiors have highlighted the young idea of ​​this car, and the technology is full. There is also retro original taste in the interior, also is also the distingness of Rolls Royce

Looking at the interior space of the rear row, four aviation The seat, the back-row table panel also has a reunion of the entertainment center armrest and the carbon fiber is 8-word design. The back row also has wine cabinets and refrigerators. This car is the top of the meteor, every Rolls-Royce The meteor top is customized according to the constellation of the production month, so it is not the same as the Rolls of Rolls, which is not the same. Of course, the direction of the popular scrubbing is different, of course, if you like which constellation can also be customized This is also the humanization of Rolls Royce, of course, the set of constellations is also a small expenditure

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