These cars are a value-for-money transferr that these cars?

In those limited banks, many of the fine-altitude office workers are neither a bail, I want to bid a piece of iron It has its own car daily in-step commutation, so tens of thousands of dollars can settle the two pain points at one time.

I think I think that Wulinghong MINI EV, Chery Small Ants This kind of “Super Pocket” model is not in this category, after all, the practical and battery short board is a bit Obviously, in immigration, it can only become a neighborhood.

The model introduced herein not only has four four, but also more like “car” in the traditional sense, even the endless mileage can meet the intercity commuter. Even if there is no fixed parking space, if you live in the city of charging piles, the only car is not tasted as a young young.

Orapo white cat: “Men and women eat” product power

Although The Euler brand shouted the slogan of pet women, but I think even if boys are difficult to compete, such as Orapine white cat, compared with the eula black cat, Ou Liner white cat’s appearance Bringing a “I am from the future” feeling, it seems like a props car of science fiction, although the price determines that there is no high-tech blessing.

There are currently a variety of models for sale, And separate three versions depending on the battery life, I personally recommend 360km life-fired luxury version, the price is less than 80,000 yuan, there is still a cash discount, and the configuration is basically satisfied with everyday demand. Space performance can be described very much, and the nine is not a problem, but the trunk space is in size, so it can only “buy food”.

There is also affinity, such as the chassis filter comfort, I think even better than some joint venture brand A0-level cars. And although only “poor” 48 horsepower, please believe me, at speed 80km / h, absolutely abundant.

1, see this model to bear I can’t save money

2, the driving level is pretty good

3, the body is small, the space is large


1, the position of the steering wheel is too Pre-

2, the scientific and technological configuration is slightly inexpensive

3, some logic of the driver is not perfect


zero run T03: I have seen the microconius L2-level driving assistance?

Many people are more unfamiliar with zero running this brand, including I. Of course, today is not a history, so let’s take a look at the brand’s zero run T03. First, the appearance seems to be a bit smart shadow, and the whole gives people a sense of masonry. The body size is similar to European cat, black cats, but the space in the car is especially the back row, but there are a lot.

Chenghe Technology Configuration is its biggest advantage, of course, is the top model. According to the official declaration of battery life or even more than 400 kilometers, the energy of the battery is also a bright spot, reaching 38kWh, and the power parameters are also a lot of opponents.

Most surprised, top The version also has an automatic secondary driving “full-family bucket”, such as the full-speed domain adaptive cruise, lane maintenance, lane deviation warning, etc. Of course, the actual performance I didn’t dare to disember, but the manufacturer’s heart is worthy of affirmation. At the same time, it is necessary to criticize the lack of passive security configuration, even if the top-bearing model is only the front double airbag.

1, the endless mileage is long [123

2, cross-level driving auxiliary configuration

3, interior is more exquisite

1, passive safety configuration is poor

[ 123]

3, the shape is ineffective

Changan Benben E-STAR: Same-level power small steel gun?

First remind, if you have a friend who is interested in buying Benben E-Star, you must make a clear version of the model, although the whole system is oil to change, but Getting started “National”Is the old set of design style, obviously can’t keep up with the pace of the times, this paper is of course more in line with the trend.

[ 123]

Changan Benbun also calculated “the old audon” of the microcar in the domestic market, step into the era of electrification, it can make any tricks Do you touch consumers? The design is very strong, let people look at the style of the new energy car, especially completely closed

[ 123]

Does the bottom oil changed well? Combined with Benben E-Star This model is positioned, If you meet simple summaries, I think this problem is not that it is not so important. Instead, the lack of conflicts is a bit hard to get hands. For example, only a two-capsule is also a bump, and there is no safety configuration such as traction control. In this year, this era did not say a little.

1, the product of the old car company

3, the power parameters lead

1, safety configuration Difference

2, oil modified platform

3, the endless mileage

[123 ]

Siyu E10X: Balanced car from young brands

Many people have to think It is strange, in fact, it has a thousand relationships with Jianghuai cars, while Siyu E10X is positioned in pure electric mini cars. I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. I first saw it in front of it, and even feel a bit of a large number of elements.

Of course, overall, appearance, within The originality of the design is still very high, and the whole color is very bright, and the two-color matching surface, which is more distinct. The interior ribbon layout is more traditional, which belongs to the type of easy to use. It is worth noting that Si Wei E10X is five models, but considering the space of the back row, or it is used as four cars.

Dynamic and configuration in terms of the same level Mainstream level. First come to see the power part, take the top with a model, the maximum power is 45KW and 150 nm, the speed is limited to 102km / h, so the theoretical running high speed is no problem, but the whole system is relatively short, or it is still . And the configuration is equally high, put it in the same price, there will be no fall, don’t give you the same.

1, various aspects exhibit equalization [123

2, rich appearance color selection

3, the investment price is very cheap

[ Need to improve:


1, sales outlets less

2, brand awareness

[ 123] 3, the endless mileage is poor

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