These cars “take”, you have not discussed

Motorcycle is definitely a little love in the eyes of the Knights. It can’t be can’t let people knead. Here’s the “small lover” belongs to the category of love and hate.

The price of 5.3W Honda NSS350, let many cars Friendship gornes, the new profile design has a young feature, and the front LED headlights are fashionable to make it recognize higher.

The body configuration is also very bright, and the accepted regulating windshield is very textured, and the smartly hidden under the cover, create a more concise practice. Vision. And the ranging range reaches a stroke of up and down 150mm. The steering lamp is also integrated on a foldable rear view mirror, so that the front of the vehicle looks strong.

The new ESP single-cylinder water-free SOHC engine has a discharge of 329.6 cc. The maximum power reached 21.5 kW / 7500rpmm, the maximum torque was 31.8 nmiddot; M / 5250 rpm. The power is sufficient while its fuel economy is also very good, coupled with a larger storage space, letting its city commute, and there is no problem in the weekend.

But this is the best car in the price, configuration, and brand, and people hate the root itch. why? Because there is money to buy, you have to wait a long time. Let you think about it, you can’t touch it, do you say that the gas is?

BMW launched small displacement street car G 310 R, don’t look It has a small displacement, but the blue sky white cloud on the side panel highlights its aristocratic blood. Its price is also the lowest one in the motorcycle of the BMW motorcycle is only 4.85W, which makes a lot of dreams of BMW motorcycle riders, and see dreams.Really hope.

The largest highlight of the vehicle is the 313cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine, and the cylinder is rotated after 180deg; The control center is reduced, and a more flexible driving experience is created, and this design can reach the rocker arm without affecting the axial distance, and play a role in enhancing stability.

said that the G 310 R is already so good, why hate it? Although there is a bloodline of BMW, there are still many people who don’t know it. When you ride to the street, others think it is your manual BMW standard. This makes the rider as the BMW owner.

Haojue DR300 personal feels, in addition to the design of the design, In other aspects, it can be said to be a number of domestic numbers. The accessories under the whole body are all big cards. The original devil is 3 tires, even the three-yuan catalytic and the anti-press bag are imported in Japan.

298 ccC’s side-by-column double cylinder has a high compression ratio of 11.5 kW / 8500 rpm, and 27.8 nmIDDot; M can explode. / 6500rpm’s maximum torque, the overall power output is very linear, and the vibration suppression is also excellent.

Although it is very good in various aspects of DR300, it is positioned as a street car, and its cycling triangle is more combat, long riding It will be more tired, then there is a number of famous brand accessories, why not solve the problem of the chain’s abnormal sound. These shortcomings are only a small problem. The most hate is pricing, and then come to a price reduction promotion, let the riders before buying green oil.

Recently, Zongshen Biao X7, which was unveiled, is a fire, with a joint venture and 250cc displacement, but the price is only 1.998W. Let it stand out in numerous domestic class models. The 244CC single-cylinder water-cooled engine has 21 nmIDDOT; M max torque and a peak power of 15.6 kW, and the book data is still possible.

However, this appearance is a bit strange, and retro, the shortcomings, saying that modern is a little bit. In fact, X7 has been listed abroad in 2008, and has been discontinued in 2012, and many versions are launched. Although it is a model that has already been suspended abroad, it cannot be denied, it is a good car suitable for daily commuting.

But people tangled, facing it is difficult to resist, and see it “special” People are somewhat uncomfortable. If the appearance can be improved, choose the modern young man aesthetic design element. It should not be tangled into the root of the root.

KTM 790 DUKE has been on the market, with a sharp combat design, The powerful dynamic performance and comprehensive security configuration have been attacked by riders, but the identity of the imported imports has reached 12.68W, combined with its many performances, or worth it.

The net weight of the whole vehicle is 175kg. This weight is equivalent to a small displacement model, but its power part is equipped with a 799CC side. The cylinder engine has a maximum power and 87 nmiddot; M / 8000RPM maximum torque. Such a combination will present a driving experience of public upgrades. In order to let the Knight harmonize this beast, KTM 790 Duke is equipped with four driving modes, and the traction control system is 9-level adjustable.There is also a sliding clutch and fast shift to provide a more stable and fast control experience for the knight.

The KTM 790 DUKE released in the form of CKD is increasing, and the price is 8.98W. And what is the configuration of the import, the same thing as CKD. Such a price big diving, let the riders who have bought the imported 790 duke, although I feel a bit, but I will buy it early, and enjoy the discount. The most hated it should be used for second-hand carriers, and it is estimated that many people have been crying in the toilet.

Which model do you love and hate? See

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