They all strict, then amazing everyone

This week, the most popular news of the car circle, is that Lei Jun officially announces that Xiaomi is going to make a car. Although Xiaomi’s car is not secret, the capital investment of RMB 10 billion RMB is only, it is only necessary to enter the “minimum consumption” of the car, but when Lei Jun debts 108 billion cash on Xiaomi account Almost everyone is shocked when reserves.

There is money is not universal, but for the car, it is absolutely not possible for the car. For the millet, I also analyze it for a few days ago, and I will not go here. Overall, I have an optimistic attitude toward the millet.

Just stepped into April, “Qi Qi” also competes to release data from March. The best achievement is still a free, a total of 7257 sets in March, set a new high history; Xiaopeng has delivered 5102 units, and Ideal One is delivered 4900. If you look at the monthly grades, only a new high.

In the quarter, it is the most satisfied, and 20060 sets will be delivered in the first quarter. The first time to deliver more than 20,000 units; Xiaopeng has delivered 13,340 units, and also created the highest number of historical quarters. Results; Ideal One has delivered 12,579 vehicles in the first quarter, and failed to surpass the results of the fourth quarter last year.

The more and more fully charged complement system, Xiaopeng will also have new models, compared to most of this year. During the time, or will still have an ideal one model in sell, to achieve the goal of 10,000 monthly sales, the difficulty is really small. What is worth paying attention is that there are 3,246 vehicles in March, a total of 7,443 vehicles in the first quarter, and a big head of Maxima. By the way, Weima seems to step into 2021, there is no new monthly sales data, is it lost?

The new forces day and night is because they all realize the importance of speed. Traditional car companies these “elephants” have turned slow, but when successful, energy will be very huge.

We have always thought that in this wave of electric vehicles, Toyota is slower and temporarily behind, but I have always thought that Toyota really lacks this. The ability.

A few days in Lexus, the world’s first new pure electric LF-Z concept car, and announced accelerating electrification, will be built 2025 More than 10 electrified models, including pure electric, plugging and mixing, and oil-electric hybrid models. Although the plan is not as radical to other European and American luxury brands, at least began to realize the urgency of accelerating electrification.

The focus is still returned to the LF-Z this concept car. In conjunction with the official release of Lexus, LF-Z is closer to a coupe SUV. The captain is close to 4.9 meters, and the wheelbase reaches 2950mm, the size and Mercedes Gle Coupe are quite.

From the official’s simple description of the LF-Z concept car, LF-Z uses a new pure electric exclusive platform, mounted a new generation of Direct4 four-wheel drive control technology and new line-control steering technology, equipment 90KWH three-dimensional lithium battery pack, WLTP working condition is 600 kilometers (NEDC or reaching 700 kilometers), and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is less than 3 seconds.

This LF-Z is already quite excellent even in terms of electric drive technology. It is very familiar with the current, and the size of the size of the size is a lot of EC6 to simply make a comparison. The wheelbase of EC6 is 2900mm, and the NEDC endless mileage is 615 kilometers after 100KWH battery pack, and it is 4.5 seconds per 100 kilometers.

The rough contrast of data is not difficult to find that the performance data of LF-Z is a lot of EC6, and has a stronger battery capacity, which has stronger battery life. The acceleration time can also enter for 3 seconds, and the comprehensive performance can be described as quite.

Of course, LF-Z mass production versions are estimated fastest to one or two years later, whether the model version model can still be in the leading position, or the number of unknown.

But amazing or driver cabinet design of LF-Z. The “three-scale screen” consisting of three large-sized LCDs is very technically technically, and the design similar to the racing steering wheel is actually the same as the steering wheel of the Numerous Mango, which is in Tesla’s new model s.

I believe this is definitely not a simple imitation or “learning”, the only explanation is that Lexus and Tesla’s designers or believe that this is the future equipped with high-level automatic driving system. The electric car should look like.

But the future pure electric car is only the technical route of a three-yuan lithium battery? Great Wall cars seem to begin betting in a hydrogen fuel cell.

A few days ago, the Great Wall officially announced the hydrogen energy strategy, and the model “Hydroction system” full-time application solution Named “Hydrogen Technology”. The Great Wall Cars announced that this year will launch the world’s first C-class hydrogen fuel cell SUV. The goal is that in 2025, the top three of the global hydrogen energy market share.

Punch a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, maybe everyone will first think of Toyota has realized mass production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle Mirai. In fact, Toyota began to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology as early as 1992. The second-generation Mirai, WLTC (Japan Working Night) endless mileage can reach 850 kilometers at the end of last year, and various technical performance has greatly improved.

While the technical principle is not complicated, it is actually the basic technique such as production, storage and transportation, basically in foreign abroad. In the hands of a few enterprises, the so-called state will be very high at any time, the procurement cost is also very high, causing the delay that can not be promoted.

At the conference of the Great Wall, the Great Wall announced that “electric stack and component, fuel cell power generation and component (controller, etc.), type IV hydrogen storage bottle, high pressure reservoir valve, hydrogen safety, Liquid Hydrogen Process “Six core technology and product intellectual property is completely autonomous, completedThe core technical layout of the whole industry chain.

First, the technical route will eventually be popular in the field of ordinary household vehicles, but the Great Wall is at the core technology. Breakthrough, I think it is very great, it is worth our newspaper with warm applause.

If there is no breakthrough in lithium battery technology, China’s electric car market cannot be developed so quickly, leading the development of the trend of electric vehicles in China. In fact, in addition to Toyota, General, Modern, etc. continuously develop a hydrogen fuel cell car, can the Great Wall have to explore the Chinese hydrogen fuel cell car in the next few years?

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