This 11 good car, introduced certain cool!

or because of the best, or in order to express the difference between ourselves, those shouting online: “This car introduces a flaming! Introducing must buy!”, The result is introduced again. ” Next time! “People, in the past few years, in the past few years, the two-haired horse 3, the public, Mingrui travel and other models, many manufacturers’ pants are gone …” Wolf is coming “story listening more Nowadays, manufacturers are naturally studying, just like today’s 11 car fans’s largest good car, it may be black by the manufacturer …


Speaking of the European trolley, the standard 20x series is naturally a representative product. In the early years, 206, 207 got a lot of fans with a super cost-effective and excellent playability, and there were still many treated 206 active in the modified racing field. The Peugeot 208 is inheriting the model of the predecessor’s clothes, with sharp motivation profile, as well as a good driving experience, Peugeot 208 and even defeat Volkswagen Golf in 2020, and won the evaluation of the European annual car! Even the sales of 55,000 units in the first quarter of this year, the old power of the Volkswagen golf won the European sales champion!

At this time, there is a truck fan to start with the concern. Since 208 is invincible in the other end of the earth, then Why don’t you introduce your country? In fact, it is impossible to say such a word. First of all, in recent years, China’s A0-level car market share is getting smaller. For example, this year, the market share of the A0-level sedan is only 2.1 percentage, and this data is 21.6 percentage! In other words, in the past 10 years, China’s A0-level sedan market share has shrunk for 90%! Therefore, even POLO, the sales of old classic models such as Fit will fall. Like 10 years ago, POLO’s monthly sales can still be maintained at around 15,000, and now only 3,000 units remain.

Further, the total system of Peugeot 208 is 1.2T three-cylinder engine, this is very difficult for Chinese consumers, after all, the same level Honda and the public are four-cylinder engine, a law truck wants to let consumers “abandon four from three” simply difficult day. After all, even the sales king of Buick Yinglang, it was also sold to three tones from four cylinders to three tones. Don’t say a law car!

Although there are recent domestic netizens to take photos of 208 in domestic road test, but from the news we have got, Dongfeng Peugeot this introduction The 208 is all pure electric versions, not fuel versions, mainly in response to the domestic dual integral policies, and the electric version is more helpful to survive the development. But then, even if the Dongfeng Peugeot is introduced, the gasoline version 208 is, I am afraid to wait for its trip to China. It will not be more than two years of launching old big brother 308s. How much is it … [ 123]

On May 17, the new generation Skoda Octavia PRO is listed in China, a new generation of models The Chinese market has extended a 44mm wheelbase, reaching 2730mm with domestic extended version of Sagitar, and the rear space is very spacious. More importantly, the price of Octavia PRO is not high, the 1.4T high-power engine is equipped with a 7-speed DSG transmission, and the starting price is just 124,900 yuan!

New Opening Travel Edition

However, after the new Octobi PRO is listed, the online voice does not surround the product characteristics of this car. It is in a concentrated question: “Why is there no travel version?” It is undeniable that the new generation of Mingrui travel version of the color is very moving, the refinement and young design language is very in line with the trend of the current car, saying that it is the highest in the compact car The wagon is not too much. But in the face of netizens can’t help but curious, if Skoda has a new generation of Mingrui, do you really bought it?

The current Mingrui travel version

Understand that Mingrui’s classmates should know that the current Opening has always beenThe travel version is sold, the minimum discount is more than 110,000, if these friends who want to travel to the trip, what is the 2020 Mingrui Travel Edition only sold 629 units? Perhaps these friends will find excuses for their mouths with the reason for “current models too old”, but if the travel version really has a market, how do you don’t have a whole year?

It is obvious, this multi-horse version of this generation is very attractive, Mazda The latest design language makes this car with the hatchbacks in our traditional cognition. Especially the thick C-column, the rolled window, and the full-circular and concise vehicle lines, live off a concept car!

However, Mazda obviously has been accepted, the upper generation of Mazda 3 Angara sedan with hatchback 9: 1 sales ratio, and hatchback version The average monthly sales of 1000 sets of cruel reality, and Mazda made a temporary decision of the hatchback version when the new Akona was listed in September 2019. For the decision of Mazda, I don’t pay attention to the voices of the Chinese calam, I just want to say: It’s too bright!

First, the two-day car itself is very small in domestic sales, even the classic benchmark model such as golf, now the monthly sales Around 6000. Second, as a two-haired horse 3 “alternative”, there is also a CX-30 with SUV-binding, and the monthly sales of the domestic months is still only more than one thousand. So, although the voice of the hatchback Mazda 3 is very high, if this car is really domestic, then its final ending seems to have become a foregone …


It is well known that the Chinese market has a high level of acceptance of the travel car, whether it is BBA, Volvo or the public, all The wagon is in one, it is called.status. Because of this, BMW is launching the current 5 Series and 3 Series, and does not introduce their travel versions into the country. After all, the last generation of 5 Series and 3 Series is the travel version imported. It is only too bad in the domestic sales, and the monthly sales will be able to have the number … Today China implements the country 6B emissions, this A model with a very small sales and there is no too much profit, naturally, there is no chance to come to China.

5 Series Travel Edition

Therefore, although the domestic version of this generation 3 series and 5 series has achieved sales, reputation double harvest, but BMW There is still no way to shake the determination to travel. After all, in the graveyard of China’s car market, the epitaph of countless tombstones is written in the same sentence: travel cars brothers, don’t come to China …


At the Geneva Show in March 2017, Ford released a new generation of Carnival ST, a new generation of models equipped with a 1.5T three The cylinder engine can output 200 horsepower, 290 nmIDDOT; M dynamic, with a 6-speed manual transmission, 0-100km / h acceleration is only 6.7 seconds. Unfortunately, because the last generation of Carnival ST is in the country’s sales, it is not sold to the situation, so Ford does not introduce the latest generation models into the domestic market.

It can be as suited in Eason Chan’s lyrics, “I can’t get it forever”, I can buy Carnival ST. It is timeless. Nowadays, in the country, I can’t buy it. A lot of people started to ask Ford why didn’t introduce the Carnival ST into the country. This is very curious, such a 1.5T three-cylinder, manual gear, A0-class hatchback, the price may reach 200,000 Ford, how many people will pay for it?

If Toyota brand new SUPRA is not a pure JDM The M performance car, then GR Yaris is definitely the most pure JDM on the market. Toyota, or Toyota’s headman – Toyota chapter, the time and money on this car, in fact, has destined the extraordinary Gr Yaris.

To know, Gr Yaris is not based on the normal version of YARIS, and the model of power assembly is used. As the product of the separately developed product, the second half of Gr Yaris is completely different from the normal version of YARIS. In order to make the rear rusade of the vehicle, it can accommodate the full-time four-wheel drive system and the H-type multi-link independent suspension. Gr Yaris actually used Carolla, the rear bridge of this high-level model. At the same time, Gr Yaris even uses the carbon fiber roof. This usually can only see something on the BMW M3 and other millions of luxury sports cars.

From the parameters, Gr Yaris is equipped with a 1.6T three-cylinder engine, the maximum power is 272 horsepower, the maximum torque 370 nmIddot; M, only A 6-speed manual gearbox is provided, and the full-time four-wheel drive system is fully equipped, and the drift mode is supported.

Independently develop, plus various exclusive hardware bonds, and it is determined that Gr Yaris cost is not too low. According to the current news, the price of the Chinese version GR Yaris is likely to be up to 380,000, almost 399,800 AMG A 35! Although Gr Yaris’s driving experience must be more hard and pure than the A35, it is truly to pay the money to swip the money, and how many consumers will give up the A35, S3 and other luxury brand steel guns, and choose a three-cylinder, manual gear, It looks very cheap Toyota Yaris?

In fact, at this moment, we can probiless that Gr Yaris is a life after the introduction of the Chinese market: the initial stage of listing, this car will harvest a small Batch of bone gray fans market salesSubsequently, it will fall into silence due to pricing and small positioning. In a few years, with Gr Yaris suspended the city, the price of the second-hand car began to rise, and the extent of selling used cars did not lose money. At the same time, countless cars will start talking about the feelings of GR Yaris …


If you are not a senior fans, you may not be familiar with the Cadillac V series, simply “v” is “AMG, RS and M Power” of Cadillac. In fact, in the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2008, Cadillac has introduced its high-performance model CTS-V to the domestic market. The price is 1.1 million yuan, and its competitors E9x BMW M3 at the time at the price of 106- 1.2 million yuan, both of them are basically flat.

In terms of power, the CTS-V at the time is equipped with a 6.2L V8 machine boost engine, the maximum power is 564 horsepower, the maximum torque 747 nmIddot ; M, match 6AT gearbox, 0-100km / h acceleration is only 3.9 seconds! To know, in 13 years ago, there were very few four sedans to do breaking hundreds of achievements within 4 seconds, even Lamborghini, Ferrari’s top super run is alive.

However, since the V series brand building is far less than AMG, M Power and RS, the sales of CTS-V in the domestic sales is very bad. Nowadays, the latest CT4-V is equipped with a 2.7T four-cylinder engine that can output 329 horsepower, 515 nmIDDOT; M dynamic; and high-performance CT4-V BlackWing uses a 3.6T V6 double turbine increase Pressure engine, can output 479 horsepower, 603nmIddot; M thermal, 0-96km / h acceleration only 3.8 seconds, the maximum speed can reach 304km / h, and can be called the latest BMW M3 of the board.


As for CT5-V Blackwing more exaggerated, a 6.2L V8 machine boost engine, the maximum power is 677 horsepower, the maximum torque 893nmIddot; M, 0-96KM / h accelerates only 3.7 seconds, the highest speed is more amazing 336km / h! However, behind the amazing performance is a large displacement, especially CT5-V Blackwing, 6.2L displacement is simply a big reverse for the current China. After all, even a new generation of C63 has a solution such as 2.0T + motor. Therefore, although there are now many trucks who hope that Cadillac can import CT4-V and CT5-V, the large environment has already rejected these high-performance vehicles.

More importantly, users who are truly purchased high-performance sedan generally not only care about its performance, for brand added, visibility, etc. Premium capacity will also be very valued. In this case, the Cadillac V series is obviously a high visibility of BBA. For example, CT4-V Blackwing is about RMB 384,000 in the US, while the latest BMW M3 is priced at RMB 448,000 in the US, and the price difference is not big. However, in China, even if CT4-V sells with a price of M2, then you open a price of 600,000 CT4-V, will be used as a discount of less than 200,000. Ordinary CT4, the face is not even as a general BMW 3 Series! Therefore, even if Cadillac really introduces a V series, it will also become a typical representative that is not called a seat!

If the Cadillac V series is a representative of a high-performance sedan, then Chevrolet’s sports car Kordi is the real totem of the American sports car. Today’s Corvet has developed to the 8th generation model, which is the C8 we are well known. It is worth mentioning that this generation C8 is also a civilian mass production vehicle in the history of Corvette’s history. The previous 7-generation models are pre-layout, onlyThere are a few concept cars and racing tries to have a neutral structure. Thanks to the neutralized rear drive better weight distribution, the C8’s track performance has also been made by the progress, and the most entry version can get a speed of 7: 29.9 in Newwe.

To know, the entry version of the C8 is only equipped with a middle rear 6.2L V8 natural intake engine, the maximum power is 502 horsepower, the maximum torque 637nmiddot; M, with an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox, 0-96km / h acceleration is only 2.9 seconds, the highest speed is 312km / h. In the case of using the most innovative power, the C8’s New Porthern Roop has surpassed Ferrari 458 Italia, Audi R8 V10 Plus, etc. Europe!

In addition to the parameters, Corvet really attracts the price. In the United States, the entry version of Corvet is only $ 59,900, approximately RMB 382,000. In other words, you only need to spend an Audi S3 money, you can buy such a V8 naturally inhale, the US super run after the middle, and the price is more invincible! Because of this, Corvet has always had the title of “civilians’ law” in the United States.

In fact, in the past years, the fans have never been broken for Corvet’s voice, although in some auto shows, the fair is often Can see Corvet’s figure on the Chevrolet booth, and even some Chevrolet 4S shop has Corvet’s exhibition car, but Chevrolet is not an idea of ​​this model.

In fact, as long as it is slightly thought, it is not difficult to understand. As a large displacement sports car, Corvet is introduced to the domestic potential. The limitations of various policies such as tax, country 6B emissions, and enterprises, the price will also increase the boat, and it is even possible to break through millions of protocols. Once Cordot has lost its price advantage, the LOGO of the head is difficult to get an accreditation in the market when facing Porsche 911 and other luxury sports cars.

In recent years, the Korean car is relatively low in the domestic market, but there is a Korean small steel. The gun has been remembered by many cars, it is modern Flying. At present, this generation is released in January 2018 in the North American Auto Show, still adopting a unique 1 + 2 door design, that is, there is only one door on the main driving side, and there are two car doors on the co-pilot, very personal.

In terms of power, the farten is equipped with a 2.0T engine, the maximum power is 275 horsepower, the maximum torque 353nmIddot; M, with 6-speed manual The gearbox is used in the form of a front wheel drive as GTI, and the speed of 0-100km / h is only 6.1 seconds.

In the well-known Niru track, its gearbox, suspension, shock absorbing and other components have passed the strengthening design, which can be said to be produced for the track. Because of this, the Flying Scorpion is absolutely purely, hardcore symbol in many cars, R & D, manual, pre-drive, “keyboard value” is simply full!

However, although such a pure small steel cannon looks very beautiful, it can really put it in the domestic market, the probability is nothing to buy of. The first is the price, the 1.6T Freew of China is imported to 17.28-21.98 million. This high-performance Flying price is definitely approaching 300,000 mark. In the domestic steel gun market, more than 200,000 golf gti is a hard to get the past, after all, the GTI is lower, and the foundation of the masses is also more solid. Therefore, although the original strength of Fii N is bound to be stronger, GTI has an extremely rich, mature modified environment, as well as playing a vehicle, which is not comparable to it.

In the lower price market, there are civilian performance vehicles such as Honda Civic, modified potential, and atmosphere. So, although the farten n is very good, there are many people who like it, but those who really pay the money must be less.

As a “three”, BBA, three brands as the “御” in the luxury brand Between almost all competing models in every segment, for example, we are familiar with “34C”, “56E”, etc. In the 500,000-level sports sedan in the Chinese market, Mercedes has AMG C 43, Audi has S4, but there is no BMW! In particular, it is considered that C 43 is about to change into 2.0T, and the performance of Audi S4 track is slightly lack of performance, so many fans are expecting BMW to introduce this generation of G20 M340i to China. Just like the 3-Series travel version mentioned earlier, after experiencing the failure of the last generation M340i, BMW is not intended to repeat the same mistakes.

Overseas current M340i is more than 330i in China, that is, the engine is replaced from four cylinders 2.0T to a B58 3.0T straight Six engine, maximum power 387 horsepower, maximum torque 500nmiddot; M, match 8AT gearbox, and provide rear drive and xDrive four-wheel drive system, 0-100km / h acceleration is only 4.2 seconds, By Audi S4 and AMG C 43 are more fast! More importantly, because the 3 series is hung in the latter, it has caused moving, and the handling will be repeated, and the fans are eager to introduce the original m340i.

But it is foreseeable that if the BMW imports M340i imported to domestic, sales is probably expected. This is mainly because of the same price, Mercedes-Benz AMG is too great, the price of Audi S4 is cheap and the modification is great, and the BMW M Performance has no advantage, whether it is a popularity or cost performance, and the shape design is also very small. . heavierWhat’s important, the 500,000-level high-performance sedan is originally a very small market. BMW is still squeezing that the poor cake is indeed.

On November 2018, the new generation of national new generation is 508L It is officially released, and it is disappointing that there is a frameless door on the overseas version of 508 and the back tailgate is canceled, which has become a doctrine of the boxed car door and the long version of the conventional rear-aliasing, which makes a lot of like. French cars pursue individual fans are difficult to accept. So they played the idea of ​​overseas travel episode 508 SW, called on Dongfeng Peugeot to introduce 508 SW into the country.

Have to say that the shape design of 508 SW is really excellent, and recently I have seen “the most offenders” Spanish players are even more Directly in the grass! The front face of the LED lamp group and the flat low-end head look very fought very well, with the stabilized style of the stabilized travel car in our traditional impression.

More importantly, 508 SW also uses a frameless door design, which is very rare in the travel vehicle! Plus the side of the car side and the low-end lines, and the tail tail tail tail tail tail tail tail, say it is the same class, the passionate travel car is not too much!

But just like before we say, the three series travel, the three words of the travel car are except for the United States. Some regions represent the normals, and the domestic market is even more. Plus the legal car and the double niece of the imported car, the 508 SW is the young in the niche in China, so the sales experience after the listing is listed, I am afraid that it can be guessed …

maybe some people say that Dongfeng Peugeot can be domestically produced! We just want to say this, please don’t really want people! Dongfeng Peugeot has been in ChinaSales have been bleak enough, in order to please Chinese consumers, arrogant French, even agreed that 508 is extended in the Chinese market! At this point, if there is another 508 SW, the rear space is compact 508 SW, it is really a long time!

hatchback, travel, high performance, these years are really injured The manufacturer is too deep … Waiting for a long time, I will lose money, or even the vast majority of Chinese car consumers don’t know that these cars have been. In the end, “it is good” is only a self-shaped car fan for our purchasing power. Since the loss is also unprotected, it is “lying” in the belief market, “harvesting” in the market is naturally a standard operation.

If you think this 11 cars can be introduced to the country?

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