This five 90 percentage abnormal owners encounter is actually a “false failure”

cars in use, there will be some failures, or abnormal sound, or oil spills, leaks, or . In many of these anomalies, some mixed with the phenomenon is a normal phenomenon. Here to share with you some of the normal ldquo; abnormal rdquo ;. Do you have any car problem, you can consult at any time.

Q: hot car parking stall, the exhaust pipe abnormal noise law

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traveling car is completed, after the parking stall, after a while, will hear the exhaust pipe chassis regular ldquo; pit, pit hellip; hellip; rdquo; sound .

that belongs to the sound of the exhaust pipe is heated, expanded metal, after the flame, thermal expansion and contraction, the contraction of the exhaust pipe the sound emitted by the metal, is a normal phenomenon.

Q: parked the car in place, did not turn off air conditioning, take the time to find the ground a pool of water

If you see the water is clean and clear water, do not worry, this is the air conditioning and refrigeration is discharged from water is a normal phenomenon. When the car air conditioners, the surface temperature of the evaporator is very low, the indoor heat moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the evaporator heat absorbing flakes, by collecting water droplets evaporator housing to exclude the line outside of the vehicle, if the water is very transparent to worry about what is failure or leaking, because the car’s antifreeze is colored.

Q: the body panel front portion has a beach ldquo; smears ldquo; [123 ]

some of the car when the lift chassis raised view, can be seen somewhere body panel, there is a significant ldquo; traces of oil ldquo ;. In fact, it is not oil, but when the car factory, in underbody coating layer of protective wax.

When using the car, these waxes, heated to melt, the formation of a not easily dry ldquo; traces of oil ldquo; In such cases, do not control, do not bother to put those melting wax knocked off has no effect. (In the judgment in the end it is true or melted wax traces of oil, you can observe something there is no oil in the vicinity of traces of oil, if the engine gearbox on the tank or fender, may really not normal) [123 ]

Q: reverse difficult than hanging forward, straining to hang there will be ldquo; stare rdquo; sound

have manual transmission friends have encountered such a situation, sometimes the reverse is not hanging up after depressing the clutch, sometimes good hang. Sometimes a little harder to hang in, but will be accompanied ldquo; stare rdquo; bang.

This is a normal phenomenon.

is generally not equipped with a manual transmission is the reverse of the forward gear synchronizer with some, but not the reverse gear front tapered. This leads to the ring gear reverse gear teeth ldquo; plain luck rdquo ;. Good luck, the teeth of the ring gear and reverse gear in a position, it is easy to hang. A little biased, forced to hang in, but there will be noise, high side, and not get hung.

linked to the situation encountered do not go, it is recommended to hang into forward gear, moving about the car, and then the clutch, reverse gear, must not hurry with ldquo; violence rdquo; resolved.

Q: After changing the brake pads, brake feel soft

for a new brake pads do not always feel the brakes tough, some soft.

This is normal.

because the new and old brake pads to the brake discs were a period of running, during running, the brakes feel a little soft.

so over time, brake pads and brake discs running well, you will find that yourThe car will return to the previous tough. (If you are a new brake pads and brake discs, or soft, it would have to be checked.)

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