This week heavy: no longer afraid of electric cars run far, life is to break the 1000 km?

With the passage of time, this week is about to end. From Monday to Friday every day electric car news, we do a simple summary, we can more clearly understand the new energy automotive industry in the end what happened.

October 12, Monday: equipped with the new wheels, the new Tesla Model 3 upgrade what

past period time, there have been reports that Tesla is upgrading Model 3. In addition to significantly upgrade the new models, there are several new features, such as an electric apparatus before the lid of a similar Model Y, center console matte material. Further the phone into the charging area sliding opening, the interior of the cup holder to remove chrome. There are reports that the new Model 3 double-glazed windows, in order to reduce the effect of noise and heat. There is also a change point is equipped with new wheels, it may replace the 19 inches sport wheels before the Model 3, and the new design is more aerodynamic. There were no confirmed these new features and capabilities, but the new car has been off the production line in the Fremont factory, and Tesla has already begun shipping.

Summary: Model 3 and compared, in fact, Model S and Model X more needs to be upgraded, but the company obviously will focus on Model 3 and Model Y with them, because these two cars could produce higher sales.

October 13, Tuesday: batteries have caught fire risk? Modern Kona recall 77,000 electric vehicles

because of the risk of ignition batteries, Hyundai Motor plans in North America, Europe, China and other markets again recall about 51,000 Kona EV. Last week the company announced that, starting from October 16, to recall 25,564 vehicles in the Korean market Kona EV. Last summer, a modern Kona EV caught fire in the garage in Montreal, Canada. Since then, there have been a dozen Kona EV fire has occurred, then the modern began to investigate the matter. Kona EV battery supplier, LG Chem said that since the carFire not because there is a problem batteries, the specific cause of the fire is uncertain. After the recalled vehicles, modern Kona EV will inspect and replace parts of the vehicle battery. If nearly 77,000 vehicles have to replace the battery, or the modern loss of up to 600 billion won (about US $ 522 million).

Summary: Hyundai Motor announced the expansion of the scope of the recall KONA of electric vehicles on China’s market is not news, current security risks that overseas edition models use LG Chem related products, version of the Chinese market using Ningde era product, not expected to have associated risks.

October 14, Wednesday: NAWA new electrodes allow electric cars to run farther?

According to foreign media reports, the French NAWA Technologies Introduces New Carbon Nanotube Electrode. Allegedly, this battery power ultrafast electrode may be increased by 10-fold, 3-fold increase storage capacity, longer life five times, the charging time is shortened to a few minutes. Based on the new electrode NAWA patented vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNT), are all in contact through 3D nanostructures provide ionic conductivity. The current global lithium-ion battery market worth more than $ 35 billion, while the total cost of the battery electrode nearly 25 percentage, NAWA believes that the new design can be significant cost savings. The automotive industry may be one of the key technologies of the market, the industry currently accounts for 75 percent, of lithium-ion battery production. The company said ultrafast carbon electrode can make advanced lithium-ion battery storage capacity doubled, to help mainstream tram easily achieve 1000 km endurance.

Summary: NAWA new electrode has a long life, high capacity, environmentally friendly features, this new technology for electric cars, it is a very good thing, to a certain extent, can bring electric cars to a new high .

October 15, Thursday: FAW and Audi joint venture company set up a new energy, a great significance for China

10 January 13, Audi and FAW Group announced a joint officer, will jointly set up a new energy joint venture. Audi is committed to electric car sales increase to about one-third of total sales in China in 2025. In order to quickly ExtensionExhibition of electric model lineup, Porsche Audi jointly developed PPE platform for large-scale electric vehicle. The new joint venture, planned introduction of the platform, is expected to first high-end electric car will be put into operation in 2024. As the largest single market within the Audi brand worldwide, from January to September this year, the Audi brand delivered a total of 512,081 new vehicles in China, an increase of 4.5 percentage. Audi currently in the FAW – Volkswagen plant in Changchun, Foshan factory, Qingdao, Tianjin plant and factory production localization 9 models, the future will introduce more e-tron family of electric vehicles in China.

Summary: FAW and Audi set up a new joint venture company, also means that the bilateral cooperation to a new level, which is of great significance for the Chinese market, to promote the development of the Chinese market and better meet Chinese consumers travel demand.

October 16, Friday: In order to meet European emission targets, Ford will buy rival carbon emission points

According to foreign media reports, Ford will have to buy carbon emissions points to competitors, to help it meet European emission standards. Ford had recalled hybrid car Kuga, which makes the company may not meet the EU’s strict new carbon dioxide emission standard (car companies must reduce the average carbon dioxide emissions to 95 grams per vehicle kilometer, or face a fine of up to billions of euros) . According to EU rules, car prices can be obtained by integrating the amount of sales of electric vehicles to offset the pollution is more serious vehicle emissions. Car prices buy credits to achieve the 2020 deadline for the end of the present emission targets, prompting launched a battle between those points car prices may not reach the goal.

Summary: car prices to buy points, bring leeway to car prices to some extent, but also prompted some may not achieve the goal of integrating the battle between car prices.

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