This year, this year is more smooth, please accept this traffic guide!

From April 30th to May 5, 2021 Hunan Auto Exhibition and Changsha City Auto Consumption Festival were held at Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (next to Hunan Radio and Television). The Hunan Auto Show is just a “May 1” holiday, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment, the traffic police Kaifu Brigade has formed a comprehensive, perfect traffic road counseling program, plan, and the peripheral traffic road during the vehicle show, smooth. In order to facilitate everyone to go to the auto show to buy a car, the auto show organizing committee also provides a transportation guide, please accept it!

[1] Self-driving: strengthening the guidance, the surrounding road traffic shunt

During the auto show, traffic police except City Road, 48-meter platform channel, Sany Avenue North Fu Dao, Hoheng District, etc., the road to Heiwei District, etc., there are a variety of traffic guidance measures to implement traffic shunt on the peripheral roads.

The on-site police will strengthen the Kaidi Tongxuan to the Sichuan Ping, Wanjiali Road Liuyang Heqiao to Fuyuan Intersection, East Second Ring Road to Hongshan Road to Wanli Road , Jinxiu Road Kaiyuan intersection to Kaiyuan Tongtong Road section, the traffic command in the Xihu Lou Hotel in the Waiyuan Building, and ensures smooth road traffic.

The focus is strengthened to open the Tongyuan turntable, the Sanyuan Avenue Ankang Road, the south entrance of the North Second Ring Road, the Eastern Second Ring Road and Si Fang Pingli Traffic Bridge, Wanjia The Ducks of Li Road is the intersection, the traffic command of Hongshan intersection of Hongshan Road, Media Road, Guyuan Road, Zhouqiao Road, Media Road, Golden Eagle, Wanjiali Elevated Expressway, Triple Avenue Round. Improve the East Time Efficiency of the Three Avenue Radio and Television Roads, strengthen the intensity of the smoothness.

Parking: You can go to Hunan Radio and TV, Yuehu Park, etc. Parking

During the auto show, Hunan Radio and TV will have a large amount of underground parking space for the audience parking. In addition, the Auto Show Organizing Committee will arrange a fence train to and from the East Gate and activities of Moon Lake Park. The public can park the vehicle in the parking area around the Moon Lake Park, the ducks, and then take the truck to the exhibition.

[3] Reminder: Please try to take the bus, pass the vehicle, please detour

The traffic police reminded, please try to travel to the exhibition, nothing to do with the public transport If the social vehicle, please drive, avoid the three major roads and four squares to Kaiyuan, the road, the road, Fuyuan Road, Kaiyuan Road, Second Ring Road, Hongshan Road and other roads; especially Jingzhu Expressway Changsha Toll Station Entering the vehicles of the Sany Road up and down, please detour other toll stations into the city.

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● Radio and Television Center (Convention Center Station: 136 Road, 158 Road, 216 Road, 501 Road, 701 Road, 704 Road, Xingsha 104

● Window of the World (close to Auto Show South Square) Station: 132 Road, 222 Road, 915 Road, 136 Road, 158 Road, 216 Road, 501 Road, 701 Road, 704 Road, Xingsha 104

● World Window (Ice World) Station: 358 Road, 409 Road

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