Three-cylinder machine not the soul? This small steel gun, man teach every minute!

brought a three-cylinder engine, I believe a lot of little friends will talk about a disdain for it, but when one has a 261-horsepower, 360 Nm middot; three-cylinder small steel-meter, six-speed manual transmission, four-wheel drive system when the gun in front of you will definitely be the concern of many small partners, with a look.

The most commonly mentioned car enthusiasts to play a few letters are the AMG, M POWER, RS, JDM, do not know if the guy who heard “GR” it?

GR stands for Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s sporting events department, and TRD position is very close. But instead of the difference is, GR modified to provide more of a finished product, but more is TRD parts, with “upgrade package” to describe TRD more appropriate.

Of course, GR is also a grading of performance from low to high is GR Sport lt; GR lt; GRMN. GRMN stands for Gazoo Racing Master of Nurbergring, is simply to run GR department produced the Nurburgring, is experienced tuning and testing Nurburgring mean.

and recently, Toyota announced a new GR YARiS, what we called the “Yaris”, when a “Yaris” With GR The Toyota Race departments title when, then it must be something special.

developed core this car, of course, are performance-oriented, the body is based on aluminum and a carbon fiber composite material to create derived from the Toyota Japan Motomachi plant separate GR production line built.

The car under the new TNGA GA-B architecture, has a more radical than ordinary YARiS design, the front face switched to a wider, larger sizes network, also hidden inside the car with three disproportionate intercooler.

three layouts make the vehicle appear more compact shape, are connected by the black tile shape between the tail group assertive, rear with two bilateral common sports exhaust.

Of course, we have to run faster brake is maintained, the new GR YARiS equipped with a venting scribe line brakes, front piston calipers 4 2 match. It can be optional BBS 18-inch forged wheels, matching high-performance sport tires from Michelin Pilot Sport 4S series, the specifications for the 225/40 ZR18.

Thanks to a new body design and a more low suspension tuning, GR YARiS visually appears more low than the normal version YARiS, appear closer to the center of gravity ground, body length and breadth dimensions are 3995/1805 / 1460mm, wheelbase 2558mm.

In order to create an atmosphere of vehicle motion, GR YARiS + red color to black-based stitching, with a leather multifunction steering wheel, leather seats Alcantara movement, fighting atmosphere is very strong. Interior also has many “GR” LOGO, highlighting its special identity and impressive capabilities.

In addition to the 6-speed manual transmission, GR YARiS standard four-wheel drive system, the vehicle according to the vehicle driver can select knob driving mode, four-wheel drive system may be in the power distribution of the front and rear axle 30: adjustable between 50: 70,60: 40,50.

1.6T car will carry the new three-cylinder engine, the maximum power of 261 horsepower and a maximum torque of 360 Nm middot; m, according to the official data are given, the vehicle will be less than one hundred kilometers acceleration time of 5.5 seconds, speed is the speed limit at 230km / h.

McPherson front car uses double-wishbone suspension, GR-FOUR four-wheel drive with two Torsen, curb weight is just 1280kg.

in the Japanese market, GR YARiS is priced starting at $ 36,100 (equivalent to approximately RMB 249,000 yuan). Unfortunately, the short term this car is no plan to introduce the domestic market, and if in the future you want to buy it, I think the probability is great need for parallel market imported from Europe came out.

When this car parked in front of you, three-cylinder machine is also important to you? At least I particularly want to open on such “irrational” in a “car”, on the road Yiqijuechen!

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