Tianjin Port special Toyota FJ Ze cool way two balloon pump hardcore classic cross-country

20 Toyota FJ Ze cool way now configure more than one car full color, today to explain the benefits of parallel imports of luxury cars, we feel luxury cars are usually a good performance but expensive. Following this concept of parallel imported cars appeared, it should have changed. Compared with the traditional channels, eliminating the need for parallel imported cars more intermediate links, so that consumers can now buy a more affordable car. Recently, at the port entity 20 models feel a Toyota FJ Ze cool way. Edit the traditional sense relative to domestic 4S channels, the car price is quite an advantage.

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2020, paragraph

Toyota FJ cool Road, Chak 4.0 cross-country is not only stylish appearance and interior, it is a new era SUV model. FJ Cool Road, Chak FJ inherited the essence of the family, and on the basis of improvement in technology, enhanced off-road performance and safety performance. In an increasingly competitive SUV market, set “avant-garde fashion” and “excellent off-road performance” in one ( “Coolamp; Rugged”) in FJ Ze cool way will become the new benchmark for the SUV market.

2020, paragraph

cool luze FJ 4.0L (double balloon pump creep mode) configuration : 4.0L, 5-speed gearbox 2 gas, differential lock, cruise control, crawling, rear camera, four-wheel drive, aluminum wheels 17, two tanks, five, manual air-conditioning, electric windows, electric steering wheel , central differential lock, seat fabric, air pump, 7 “display, a speaker 8, small flags, electric mirrors, tire pressure monitoring.

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[] [] 20 123 123 under the Toyota FJ Ze cool way the presentation of the future and fashion sense did not because the passage of time has subsided, folio-style doors now is still very new. in the interior, the presentation of the functional principle of the supremacy to now look the same will not become obsolete before the car round headlights, the classic grille with Toyota logo, penWindshield straight, rounded white Founder unique roof, rear quarter windows and the rear body wide space.

20, paragraph

Toyota FJ Ze cool way seat load bearing capacity in all directions very well, feels very comfortable when riding. Looking around, the whole field of vision high and wide. For off-road enthusiasts, put the rear seats, to form a huge luggage space, buckles on the floor of the car can be more easily mounted luggage nets.

20, paragraph

Toyota FJ Ze cool way equipped Toyota is a very well-known in the naturally aspirated 4.0L V6 engine, Toyota bis VVT-i 4.0L V6 engine and five-speed automatic transmission, the maximum output power of 200 kW, torque 380 Nm. Four-wheel drive with a manual system, FJ cool luze 2H4H can switch the driving mode according to road conditions and 4L freedom, may also be used more specialized A-TRC (traction control system is active) in 4L gear. Parameters: size: 4670 * 1905 * 1830 wheelbase: 2690mm distance from the ground: 245mm minimum steering radius: 6.2M tank: 159L Displacement: 3956CC Power: 268/5600 torque: 38.75 / 4400 patronage: 5.

console is simple and capable, Fang Zhengping straight shape and is now mainstream design quite different. Near vertical layout with a play hard interest, mainly due to the layout such that only can meet the normal; while emitting a different feeling from the inside of any 丰田越野车; or bones from to pay tribute to ancestors.

Toyota FJ Cool Road, Chak Interior applicable and concise. Door handles, door handles, buttons and sound are applied to increase, even if wearing gloves off can be very easy to use; taken raw rubber floor mats, waterproof and breathable seat planEasy to clean, allowing occupants to keep the mood cheerful. FJ Cool Road, Chak acceptance of open planning, this will not significantly affect access to rear passengers, but also to ensure the rigidity of the body, and bring in interesting fashion sense

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[123 ] the company solemn promise: All our sales All US, EU, Canada Edition, the Middle East version, ink version of the model can provide a nationally recognized certificate issued by the Customs regular imports of goods, vehicles conformance certificate, imported motor lorry check list, formal invoices to ensure that all regions normally settled in, allowing you to buy comfortable, with the assured.

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The third layer of protection: the car that day procedures attendant to take away (off single, commodity inspection, conformity certificates, invoices, electronic information and two-dimensional code).

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