Tiggo 8 car cost investigation, more than 1500 yuan per month than Bo

The first week of the opening year, Chery brushed a wave of feelings. Declare a full-quality system of the whole model, which covers a variety of models of the Ruihu series and the Ai Roze series. It is still traced a year, a surprise for consumers who have carried the car and meet the conditions.

As for Talking to Chery, its current sales of the most popular car is undoubtedly SUV Ruihu 8, as many consumers pay attention to a 100,000 yuan level but have 7 big space SUVs, we will talk today Talk about its cost of use. As for the investigation and dimension of the cost of the car, it is naturally three dimensions around the core maintenance costs / fuel costs / insurance expenses, and miscellaneous fees such as car wash, parking are different from person to person.

Insurance cost survey

Car purchase insurance is definitely the first, the first year of thunderstorms are not moving, the six models below is 955 yuan, plus the car taxation and the upperboard fee. In the 4S shop insurance, the cost is probably about 5,000 yuan. If the 4S shop allows yourself to be outside insurance, this price has several hundred yuan of floating space, which can calculate the cost of the first year of 5000-6000 yuan.

Of course, you and I know that if you don’t drive safely, the insurance fees will decline, and the intensive insurance and commercial insurance is 30%.

The maintenance cost part, current Chery Tiggo 8 is divided into 1.5T engine version and 1.6T engine version, The 1.6T version of the two is higher. From the actual feedback from the owner, the 1.6T engine version of Tiggo 8 small maintenance costs approximately 500 yuan, and the maintenance takes 800 yuan. It is recommended that the maintenance time is maintained every 5000km. Of course, it is also dependent on the real situation. If you use the original semi-synthetic motor oil, 5000km maintenance is appropriate, change quot; official quot; recommended Castrol Macromagnetic full synthetic oil can be maintained within 10,000 kilometers. Due to the difference between the north and the north, it is recommended for 5W30 and 5W40 numeral oil. As for the difference between the two, it is not very big.About 140 yuan.

So, based on 20,000 kilometers / year mileage, the maintenance of the family car is calculated, the maintenance cost of Tiggo 8 = first insurance 5000 km free +500 yuan (semi-synthetic) 650 yuan (full synthesis), 2 The maintenance cost of 40,000 kilometers is no more than 2500 yuan.

still is an example of 1.6T ACTECO engine, many car owners feedback from a hundred kilometers of true fuel consumption It is mainly concentrated between 8.5 L ~ 9.5L, which is related to its 1.5 tons of self-weight. Fortunately, although the engine is approaching 200, it eats QUOT 92; coarse grains quot; Although the maximum torque speed has been burst at 1750 rpm, many car owners feedback, only have an abundant performance of 2500 rpm or more.

Under normal circumstances, the home car is 20,000 kilometers, and the fuel consumption is 9.0L. The combination is now 6.4 yuan / l around 92 gasoline prices, the annual fuel cost is around 115,000 yuan. .

Write in the last:

Finally, the whole, Chery Tiggo 8’s all-year car cost = 6,000 yuan insurance premium is +15 million maintenance costs from +1300 yuan. Left and right fuel costs, total 18,800 yuan. Such a fee is split into 12 natural months, which is equivalent to the monthly car cost of 1560 yuan.

Such a car cost, combined with our previous survey results, in fact, in the normal level in China’s own brand, such as the single month of Gliebell PRO is around 1518 yuan, compared with the first The 1350 yuan of the second generation Havi H6 is slightly higher.

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