Tiguan SUV car steering assist system failure ruled out

Symptom: Before SUV drove a 2010 annual Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan, equipped with identification code-named CEA’s 1.8 L TSI engine and 09M 6-speed automatic transmission, mileage 28 km, there have not been sold fault. Symptom steering assist system K161 failure indicator means and the electronic vehicle stability ESP fault indicator is also illuminated K155, K161 and red lighting state, the steering assist function disappears.

check Analysis: steering Tiguan SUV uses electric power steering in today’s technology-leading levels. A steering assist control unit J500, a steering torque sensor G269, power steering motor speed sensor and the temperature sensor integrated in the steering gear. Other signals required for steering assist control unit, as the steering wheel angle (transmitted by the angle sensor G85), engine speed (J623 by an engine control unit in accordance with the rotational speed of the crankshaft position sensor signal transmitting G28) and the vehicle speed (the wheel according to the ABS control unit J104 speed sensor G44, G45, G46 and G47 signal transmission) etc. via CAN data bus drive system. This part of the design to fully reflect the compact, the peripheral circuit is simple and energy saving features.



FIG. 2

pick VAS5052 failure diagnostic connector runs self-diagnostic program, to open a list of gateways, the display control unit and the steering assist a brake electronic control unit is in a fault state on the page. J500 fault memory access, read DTC 2: 00003 012 mdash; mdash; the control circuit unit of electrical failure; 02546 005mdash; mdash; turning limit stops disposed substantially / or incorrect match is not (FIG. 1). Query fault memory J104, the same fault code is 02546, indicating that this is associated fault caused by the steering assistance system. After copying a page fault codes U disk, clear the fault code execution operation. 00003 can be cleared, but 02,546 still exist, and there has been further 00778mdash; mdash; substantially set a steering angle sensor G85 / no matchThere are incorrect or fault code. Now the measured values ​​Group 2 (FIG. 2), group 7 (FIG. 3) data. 2 group 1 and the control voltage supply unit paraelectric line 30, zone 2 for the supply voltage line 15, 0.1 V clearly not normal. 7 is a measure of group 1 and G85 signal, when the steering wheel is rotated normally, the synchronization value will be changed, but the data is always ldquo; 0rdquo ;; 2 region of the steering angular velocity measurements, the same rotation of the steering wheel when the value is always ldquo; 0rdquo ;; 3 G85 base region is set state, data ldquo; is rdquo; basic setting has been represented; 4 region G85 is initialized state, the data ldquo; 1rdquo; uninitialized .

Figure 3

FIG. 4 [ 123]

the fault code measurements and tips, and attempt to reinitialize the basic setting G85. Click 015 security access options, screen soft keyboard appears, type 40168 login code, the top left of the screen displays the function executed successfully. Back to the options screen, click the basic setting function, the screen soft keyboard appears, type the basic setting group number 60 exit, the screen appears G85 basic setting page, setting after a successful fault code 00778 is automatically deleted, but the fault code 00003 again appear. Fault code 00003 and the meaning set of measurements region 2 2 J500 decided to start a power supply system to start check. J500 power into two branches (FIG. 4): Line 30 paraelectric rarr; fuse SA2 (80A) rarr; J500 of T2bx / 2 terminals, mainly for power steering assist motor, measurement data group 1 and 2 show that often the normal electricity supply 30; bus line 15 at the downstream end of KL15 J317 relay and a fuse SC14 (10A) of. Downstream From Figure 4 the engine control unit and a meter control unit J285 J623 also fuse SC14 (10A), and share the same power and J500. Meter is working correctly and the engine can be proved that the normal starting way power is no problem. Now then sets measurement areas 23 terminal 15 is turned on,Description 15 has been delivered power line J500, which does not match with the measured values ​​of the data stream. To further demonstrate this, but also made the most direct examination: disconnect two connectors J500 and T2bx T3am, one end of the pilot lamp corresponding ground line terminal T2bx / 1 T2bx harness side connector, 15 corresponding to the other end terminal of the power supply line T3am / 1 in T3am harness side connector, when the ignition switch oN again lights up, the peripheral power supply circuit J500 completely normal. Since power is reliably applied to the power supply terminal J500, the measured value of the display region 2 Group 2 but is 0.1 V, which, as described ldquo fault code 00003; and a control circuit unit of electrical failure rdquo ;, i.e. steering assist control unit J500 internal circuit failure, so far possible to totally determine the steering assist control unit failures.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Fault : replace the integrated J500 electromechanical power steering (FIG. 5), the ignition switch ON, the car is not, the instrument self-test K161 was lit yellow, group 2 Now measurement zone measuring line 15 2 value is 12.1 V, the control voltage of the motor power region 3 is 2.9 V (FIG. 6). Start the engine idling, power steering back to normal. Querying the new fault memory of the control unit, the fault code is 00778 and 02546, not yet indicate a match between the new and the original car control unit G85, and performs initialization required basic setting of G85. Enters the boot of options, in accordance with the procedure prompts for G85 initialized and basic settings, and then set about steering limit position. After completion of setting, K161 and K155 off, fault codes 00778 and 02546 delete it. Now 7 sets a steering angle sensor area data G85 is 7.35deg; (FIG. 7), the value of the region 1 and region 2 appears turn the steering wheel changes, data area 3 ldquo; is rdquo; numerical zone 4 0, indicating that the basic settings and initialization G85 has been completed.

Figure 7

It is worth mentioning that, although at this time the self-test ESP lamp goes out, but all the control units listed on the gateway list, a brake electronic control unit as a fault condition is still displayed, J104 fault memory access, a read failure code: 01309 mdash; mdash; power steering control unit J500 unreliable signals currently exist. Clear fault code execution operation, 01309 can not be deleted. 03-010-127 group 3 read area measured value 1, CAN means between J104 and J500 data bus communication is normal. Technical support has been sought Shanghai Volkswagen responded that, after the replacement of the steering assist control unit, needs and ABS / ESP control unit match. Match specific operating procedures as follows: Click the self-diagnosis button to enter the steering assist control unit address 44rarr; select option 015 Secure Access rarr; screen soft keyboard appears, type the login code 51514, quit rarr; screen shows the successful implementation of this function rarr; return options interface. Click 012 matching options rarr; soft keyboard appears, type the channel No. 3, exit rarr; matching interface appears, scroll bars display the original value of Channel 3 to 0, pull the scroll bar or click the keyboard button to set the new value of 1, click to accept and save button rarr; exit address 44rarr; enter the address 03rarr; click 004 queries fault memory option found in the fault memory J104 01309 memory has become sporadic, indicating a successful match. Clear fault memory, the end of the service delivery of the vehicle.

(Chenzhong Ze)

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