To overseas markets domestic electric car recommend this

In recent years, its own brand of new energy vehicles in the product itself force is extremely rapid, once led to the development of new energy vehicles overall domestic market. Many small partners will be in doubt, in that case, so now there is no number to the overseas markets its own brand of new energy vehicles worth recommending it? After seeing this question, my mind immediately surfaced later in the car.

MG HS New Energy

After soaking up the relevant policy of subsidies, HS new energy price from ranging from 189,800 yuan to 219,800 yuan. Power section, HS new energy equipped with a plug-in hybrid system of a turbocharged engine with an electric motor 1.5T combination, the total output power of 214 kilowatts system, the total output torque of 480 Nm, matching speed automatic transmission 10 .

What are the highlights there?

1. Performance. Complete set of plug-in hybrid system for performance improvement is very significant, especially on this level models under HS, open daily can have a full experience of power;

2 calibration. MG This plug-in hybrid system as a whole is still very perfect tuning to do, and you are open daily difficult to detect some movement when the power switch, connection transition between power has also been treated more natural;

3. The integrated product strength. In fact, this price at this level optional plug-in hybrid is not much, but relatively speaking HS integrated product would force new energy player in this part of the more outstanding.

Summary: The above is some simple comments about the HS new energy and resolve. I hope my answer can help to you.

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