Top with only 99,900 worth buying this SUV is definitely a power to send

imagine, worldwide do not have a model update iteration is faster than the speed of the car market in China, there is no model richness of a country than China. Because of the fierce market competition, forcing the current car manufacturers scrambling to launch new models. Although the domestic market and recession, but 2019 can be called the first year of China’s brand, a large number of new car after another, people overwhelmed.

this year, auto industry topics in addition to the market downturn, attention is undoubtedly the biggest product upgrade, upgrade regardless of brand or product upgrades, have become the hottest topic of the moment. In the industry reshuffle today, we fall behind, but can successfully launch a new product or even a few more to upgrade the brand car prices? South East Motor unexpected come up with a new product. Have to admit, South East Motor sound in recent years in the market getting smaller and smaller, as an old brand, though not many of its models, market share is not high, but its models on the market have received a good reputation . As a slow and steady pursuit of old enterprises, the South East Automotive products can really get a group of old user acceptance, has accumulated a certain amount of brand loyalty, which is valuable for Chinese brands. This is why products southeast of every new car launch, always Dangqi a ripple in the market.

have to admit, now Southeast automobile manufacturers or whether it is brand power is difficult and the overall strength of the Chinese mainstream brand comparable; even so, Southeast automobile products to the market, still full of gold, southeast DX5 is a good example.

Pininfarina this is a legendary Italian car design company. To design a world-famous Ferrari models, ItalyLee has many classic sports cars come from Pininfarina’s hands. DX7 start from the southeast, southeast car began hiring Pininfarina, for its models surgeon. We can say that in recent years become the Pininfarina design firm southeast of Queen is not excessive. Professional thing to the professional people to do not be wrong, southeast DX5 described by Pininfarina, and continued the southeast DX series design style, the overall appearance of keeping up with today’s design trends, while well maintained brand recognition. At first glance, southeast DX5 appearance and not bright spots in the design, as the South East Automotive Engineers Yuze Hui said, DX5 southeast of design portrayed on more in detail. A closer look, it really is the case.

Southeast DX5 uses “wings” type of double banner grille design, full LED headlights as Hawkeye design; these details are designed to fit southeast LOGO “When the bird,” the implication; honeycomb design elements fog at the same time so that the whole raise a lot of sporty cars, but also to front face design is more sense of power.

Southeast DX5 uses floating roof design, swooping beltline processing atmosphere make this car more prominent in the visual effects side movement. With 18-inch wheels and no level models with universal “feet” of uncoordinated effect; two-color wheels are also popular design elements. All in all, the southeast section DX5 really do not want to compromise on the details of the models.

on the design tail , still depict the details, LED taillights liner style design. While the tail appeared “SOUEAST” English standard, the overall visual effect of high-grade a lot. This is also the most commonly used design elements on the trailer SUV.

Product Upgrade large environment, southeast DX5 are doing is in place in all respects. The interior design also has not a small improvement, the center console design is more compact, and more in a straight line and plane as the design keynote, more engaging. New cars pay more attention to science and technology function configuration, in the control screen with 10-inch suspension design, inclined at an angle of 12 degrees to the driver, and built a new vehicle computer system, which covers unique in its class with a remote start function. Meanwhile, the 7-inch LCD screen on the dashboard of the vehicle also made sense to strengthen science and technology.

As a small SUV Southeast DX5 length and breadth into 4406 * 1840 * 1654mm (with luggage rack 1680mm), with a wheelbase of 2615mm, small in size advantages over competitors. From the positioning point of view, it is a small SUV DX5 southeast of between Southeast DX3 and Southeast DX7, forming a relationship with the level of complementary southeast DX3 models, positioning Southeast DX5 higher standing leapfrog some meaning.

configuration, the author again driving is the top model 2019 under 1.5T CVT flagship, the configuration is very rich. Front and rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic image, cruise control, automatic parking, hill assist, Hill Descent, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, remote start, automatic headlights, headlight delay off function, rear-view mirror heating / lock car automatic folding, sensing wiper function, automatic air conditioning, the price of many substantially identical configuration to give southeast DX5. And, according to the manufacturers engineers claim that, in order to give consumers more freedom of choice, DX5 also set aside a power tailgate, two optional foot pedal project; this not only allows the consumerFees are more flexible choice, but also to set aside some profits for dealers.

In addition, the audio controls southeast DX5’s worth saying, I try to say the command control air conditioning, car navigation, multimedia video, four windows and skylights function. The system identifies the overall language ability is good. Not only that, southeast DX5 can be encountered in case of rain, four windows rain sensor intelligently and automatically close the window, full of humanity.

Southeast DX5 also has level models with rare feature – Bluetooth key. Users can download southeast Zhaopin APP, the vehicle can be operated remotely by mobile phone, including remote unlock unlock, remote start the vehicle, the front and rear window demisting remote, these features greatly increasing the convenience of the user’s car. As the South East Automotive Engineers claimed that this function may require you to open the door, wait for the next scenes maneuvering, licensed to relatives and friends, and even residential security, avoid the owner back and forth. At the same time, it can also be remote controlled air-conditioning, which function in winter, in summer the importance of self-evident. To put it plainly, southeast DX3 is a key to completely abandon the traditional model, as long as a cell phone, you can meet all the features.

Southeast DX5 drive machine equipped with the navigation system is the most commonly used high moral map that can display real-time traffic, and in addition to mobile phones can be connected to the vehicle computer via Bluetooth, but also connected with the car drive by Baidu carLife; in short, in the southeast DX5 technology deployment is still very strong , remote control functions blessing is to let the car icing on the cake, good to meet the love of smart technology needs of young users.

Power, southeast DX5 equipped with 1.5L and 1.5T two engines, two engines are able to meet emissions regulations b six countries, maximum power of 120 horsepower and 156 horsepower, transmission aspects, 1.5L models match a five-speed manual transmission; 1.5T models match the 6-speed manual transmission CVT continuously variable transmission from Belgium and the third generation can simulate 8 PUNCH speed. Colombian soldiers test drive of the top model is matched CVT continuously variable transmission, and a test drive in Lijiang 2000-3000 meters high altitude environment, as a whole, the car 1.5T engine + CVT gearbox dynamic performance when it is worthy of recognition, although slightly less than the low torque, but the engine speed reach 1800rpm, enough with plenty of power. If you are on the plain, I believe, more powerful; and, CVT gearbox also bring enough ride.

with the same level different models is southeast DX5 uses McPherson independent front suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension, compared to non-independent torsion beam rear suspension with the price of most models with the same level of the southeast car in this area can be described under enough of the original capital, multi-link independent rear suspension has also brought better dynamic performance. It is worth mentioning that, in the contact of the day, you can clearly feel the car a more superior quietness; Thus, DX5 southeast NVH performance even better than the same level of the same price models.

It has also been southeast automotive engineers confirmed, in order to obtain better sound insulation, southeast DX5 thickness of the glass in the window, the firewall engine noise and a lot of effort, such as cotton. The only regret is that some small, engine cover and cotton insulation is not installed, it is learned, it can be retrofitted.

Generally speaking, southeast DX5 is a decent strength small SUV, from the design, configuration and power are a paragraph attractions of all models. Of course, priced at 7-10 million range is a Chinese brand small SUV battleground, each brand models clearing, like a tiger in this area. The pressure in the southeast car brand strength is not strong in this case, they face can be imagined. It is undeniable that in many competitors, southeast DX5 have a clear selling point, coupled with the positioning leapfrog standing and relatively inexpensive price, can slice in the fierce market, we’ll see.

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