Top with the 2020 models less than 10 million! Baojun 530 worth buying?

Recently coffee brother always around people complained more and more difficult to buy a car now, finally save out of 100,000, I want to buy a compact SUV, and found only buy low allocation models, and some even joked buy the quot; beggar edition quot ;.

Today, coffee brother gave you a top with less than 10 million compact SUV new car market in October 2020 under the Baojun 530.2020 models in the price range of 7.78 – 99,800 yuan, the price close to the people in the end how the strength of this model? And it is worthwhile to start it? Then on and we talk about coffee brother.

exterior and interior highlights

2020, paragraph

Baojun 530 overall design of the continuation of the old models, but performed on some of the details of the adjustment, the front grille becomes a straight line by curved design, and the dot of the grill and the through LEDquot; next eye quot; combination of daytime running lights, further stretching the front face visual width, style tend to be younger.

before the split symbol group has been extended headlights, LED daytime running lights is similar to the through design.

The body side waist straight sharp, and uses a suspension vehicle design, equipped with arrow feather color styling rim, and black wheel arch combine to enhance the side of the dynamic atmosphere. LWH body size were 4695 (4690 Edition five) / 1835 / 1750mm, wheelbase 2750mm.

mounted on the tail shape dynamic LED taillights, the internal LED lights 14, joined at the top of the exhaust pipe through the rear trim, increased the delicacy of the tail.

With further changes in interior styling, undoubtedly the most visible central control area upgraded 10.4-inch touch screen, air conditioning tuyereIt was changed to a vertical-like arrangement. It is also equipped with a set of joint Botai jointly developed with intelligent network system, with remote control, intelligent voice interaction, and intelligent micro-channel voice line (intelligent navigation and online music) and other functions.

The liquid crystal display fine instrument, and can be switched according to the driving mode.

of the steering wheel atmospheric modeling, multi-function keys feel and layout are also good, and the addition of decorative chrome, the overall look than Over the past many fine.

the seat layout, a 5/6 2 + 3,2 + 2 + 2,2 + 2 + 3 of three layouts / 7 models to meet the various needs of different consumers seat, where six models for the 2020 edition of the new car models, seats with black leather material wrapped, in which the main driving position of the seat support 6-way power adjustment.

The second row of two individual seats, can slide back and forth, while the third row only for daily use temporary emergency take a long time the ride comfort is not friendly.

Further, the third row seat support scale down, put after the fall of the trunk floor flatness pretty good, but some do not accommodate large objects will fit.

driving force and how to behave control?

Power, paragraph 2020 baojun 1.5T 530 was equipped with a turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 108kw (147Ps), maximum torque 250Nmiddot; m, and six countries to meet emission standards; transmission system, matching the 6-speed manual or CVT gearbox (analog block 8). Chassis McPherson suspension structure still uses independent suspension, torsion beam combination of non-independent suspension.

in the driving experience, based on this general technology developed from 1.5T turbocharged engine, the dynamic performance and reliability are more satisfactory adjustment of the engine start instant We can give you a relatively strong confidence, speed up the overall feel is relatively smooth and linear. Match

CVT gearbox, so that power to the outbreak was not so unexpected, this transmission gear locking procedure is very smart, to provide a continuous power output. Slight vibration caused by the chassis or passed through to the driver seat and steering wheel, the steering feel phantom small, lightweight feel low, becomes gradually sink back at high speed, with a sense of stability can be guaranteed.

written in the last guidance within

10 million, Baojun 530 in addition to the conventional 5 edition model, also has a 6/7 seater, which can allowing users to according to their own needs, more choices. 2020 models Baojun 530 also offers more cool and very practical large-screen car system, this configuration can also be added to attract more attention to young consumers, coffee brother finally feel as if you car budget is limited, so do not pay attention to brand , but also want a wealth of configuration performance, then this car is definitely worth consideration!

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