Toyota 埃尔法蒙娜 Lisa origin and configuration styles

Toyota 埃尔法蒙娜 Lisa Royal customized version of the Mona Lisa version uses four five four MPV vehicle layout, rear independent rear cabin with two full cut off the front cabin private space for business meetings, equipped with front and rear instant cabin intercom mobile phones, armrests and multi-function keypad hidden Executive tabletop, the entire cabin ambient lighting, reading lights front and hidden pop-up TV and other entertainment systems. Bilateral electric sliding doors and power rear door, ring 360 car video, servo steering headlights undoubtedly is the top commercial vehicle.

Version four Toyota 埃尔法蒙娜 length and breadth Lisa 4925 * 1850 * 1890 3.5L engine is mounted, is matched with the engine an eight-speed manual gearbox, and is equipped with electronically controlled four-wheel drive, the new Alpha also features Toyota’s newly developed double-wishbone rear suspension, which greatly enhance the ability of high-speed cruising smoothly and reduce vibration noise.

luxury and comfort has always been a high-end business MPV that flaunt a big selling point, the Mona Lisa is especially apparent with ventilation, heating, air massage heads seats, leaning according to ergonomic design, after several generations of designers ingenuity polished, continuously into the high-end crowd during the ride details to be recast feedback comfort, comfort escalating, perfect to meet the requirements of your comfortable ride. Comfortable seats is a measure of commercial vehicle quality one

an important factor. Mona Lisa selection of first class aviation grade multi-function seats, each seat are carefully deployed supreme black perforated nappa leather, it is no longer the seat of simple sense, but in one of the lounge chairs resting place. Very stylish interior design, more to show it is the style and movement.

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