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Toyota Coaster [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [ 18] [19] [20] [21] Toyota Coaster 9 price Toyota Coaster 10 price Toyota Coaster 11 price Toyota Coaster 12 price Toyota Coaster 13 offer Huatong Scotiabank car sales full price.

Toyota Coaster commercial vehicles in the appearance of design to atmospheric noble pursuit. Toyota Coaster commercial vehicles, body length 7005mm, body width 2040mm, the body full height 2774mm. Tall body structure gives a sense of dignified majesty. Body color is beige and gold, decorated with metallic paint, shiny coat, elegant color body midline, among the noble no shortage of smart, elegant and feel drab. Chrome-plated body rub strips, one week around the body, is provided on the overall beauty adds Toyota Coaster.

Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicles can be designed into a variety of styles you want, he can be a mobile office, as the best assistant in the office of our journey. Toyota Coaster as a commercial vehicle has many different design, rotating seat is the head of Toyota Coaster as a huge feature of commercial vehicles in the choice of seats and other interior, both to reflect the distinctive honor, at the same time easy to convene an emergency meeting of the interim.

Toyota Coaster 12 as a retrofit many seats, the best-selling, there must be places that others can not reach. Full partition Toyota Coaster 12 standard configuration, the split off from the cockpit and passenger area, let’s talk business district staff more privacy. Full partition can be installed above the 32-inch LCD car display, whether it is watching a movie or sing with 7.1, it is a good choice.

Toyota Coaster 12 can easily manage two different materials flooring and carpet, can only say it each spring and autumn, carpet seemed more on the grade, while the solid wood flooringSome good care. If the wood floor and carpet are used in Toyota Coaster 12 commercial vehicles is also possible, Xianpu solid wood flooring, carpet and then with some of the parts, that is practical and good care.

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Toyota Coaster in modified commercial vehicles more often we can complete the Personal Tailor distinguished car. Imported Coaster: pale gray interior section 2019 made coaster powertrain is now: V6 4.0 L gasoline power output: 171KV / 5000,345Nm / 4400, is still the engine inlet Coaster: 2.7L 4-cylinder power output 108KV / 5200,237Nm / 3600-4200, but the transmission of great import Coaster, hanging files a clear shift sensitive.

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