Toyota Coaster Toyota Coaster bus 12 offer price

imported Toyota Coaster, specializing in custom luxury business center, Tianjin port franchise outlets across the country, a car the same level leadership, outstanding product quality, security, stability, compared to those in similar models which are the best performance, quality of imported cars selection, purchase impartial advice, model parameter configuration table, the current car real shot pictures, welcome you to the store tasting.

Toyota Coaster VIP Extreme high-end custom version, all the way to enjoy create the most “comfortable” seats a lot of people know, some of the luxury car business car seat without too much emphasis on comfort, often using only “leather processing” on the customer experience is not very good. Toyota Coaster in Cowes appearance of design, there are many programs, chrome front grille and rub against the line, front rear imaging equipment to increase and improve the traffic safety Coaster.

Toyota Coaster casting a bus legend myth, either from the business, or in the car conceptual point of view, Coste can be perfectly competent. In the final analysis because it has a relatively large space, the layout is ever-changing, coupled with strong power and performance, as a new generation of bus “leader”, won a lot of customers.

Toyota Coaster choose imported Italian leather seats interior NAPPA leather design from vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste five kinds of feeling concept as a standard, to ensure that the vehicle is modified within no smell. Toyota Coaster in modified commercial vehicles, including the quality and the aesthetic appearance of the fully embody the best choice for commercial vehicles as well as the government’s reception car.

Toyota Coaster car a quieter space for the benefit of many effective noise insulation measures engine and body, body and car Toyota Coaster frame supporting connections using a rubber design to increase the engine compartment and an engine front cover sound insulation, sound insulation and additional front floor mats, insulation materials to further strengthen the front portion of the vehicle body and at the passage, so that quietness of the vehicle has been increased dramatically.

advanced suspension systems, cutting-edge technology into LSPamp; BV (high performance brake system) and ABS (anti-lock braking system), so that both rapid COASTER coaster ride, or also Sharp U-turn, can effectively maintain the stability and flexibility of the body, vertical and horizontal meandering completely in hand.

made coaster powertrain is now: V6 4.0 L gasoline power output: 171KV / 5000,345Nm / 4400, is still the engine inlet Coaster: 2.7L 4-cylinder Power output 108KV / 5200,237Nm / 3600-4200, but the transmission of great import Coaster, clear-gear shift sensitivity.

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