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Recently, Beijing store Toyota Corolla’s total promotion has a maximum comprehensive discount of 50,000 yuan. The current car is full of cars, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional limitations, complete procedures!

Tips: Double during the event Carrying the hotline has the opportunity to get a sponsored (150,000) decoration gift package. Our store takes into account the distance from foreign customers to Beijing, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic fee [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket (limited to two)] Considering that foreign customers are not familiar with Beijing. There is a free shuttle bus to Beijing, welcome to the store to buy a car.

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Song Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)


Guide price

2021 1.2T S-CVT GL Pioneer Edition

2021 1.2T S-CVT GL-I Elite Edition

1278 million


Electric meter

The current car

[ 123] Electric meter

is full of cars

14.58 million

2021 dual engine 1.8L E-CVT GL-I Pioneer

1358 million



The car is sufficient

24 hours sales Hotline: 186-1086-277 Song Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

[123 ]

Appearance In terms, the design of Carolla’s front face is deliberately joined for many sharp lines to get rid of almost cured moderate, large-scale intake grills are very atmospheric, and there is a smoked mesh design, and the overall division The layered design showed a good layering, the grill and the two-side lamp group were very good to enhance the visual visual sense of front face, which made the vehicle’s dynamic breath is very strong.

Sales Cash discount Current car case
Electric The car is sufficient [ 123]
2021 1.2T S-CVT GL-I Deluxe Edition 13.58 million Sales
2021 1.2T S-CVT sports version 13.68 million is now Adequate 2021 1.2T S-CVT GLX-I Ultimate
Sales Electric meter [ 123]
The current car is sufficient 2021 dual engine 1.8L E-CVT GL-I elite version 14.38 Wan
The current car is sufficient 2021 two engine 1.8L E-CVT Ultimate [ 123] Electric meter
24-hour sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Song Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide) [123

Interior: The interior of the new car does not change much, but the size of the multimedia display screen of the new car is also different. The Corolla fuel version and the Pioneer model of the Carolla Surveus are standard 8 inches in the screen. Then provide 8 inch, 9 inches, and 12.1 inch central control screens according to the models.

Dynamic: 2021 Carolla is still equipped with 1.2T turbocharged and 1.8L mixed dual-operated power assembly, of which 1.2T model maximum power 116 Horsepower, transmission, matching is a CVT gearbox; and the mixed dual engine model uses the latest TSI 1.8L hybrid system, which is composed of 1.8L Atkinson engine and motor by heat efficiency, matching E -CVT transmission passes the structure optimization, moves the battery pack to the second row of seats, so that the rear aliasing space and the fuel version are consistent.

1. The maximum comprehensive offer during the event is 50,000 yuan.

2. The owner himself with ID card to fill in the vehicle information, and foreign customers need to contact the sales manager in advance.

3. The company’s solemnity of the company can enjoy the lowest price during the current sales model during the company.Grid, buy expensive differences.

4. The store is in all models in all models. Enjoy three national warranty three-pack policy. And you can authorize the regular 4S shop for free in a regular 4S shop for free, and post-maintenance.

5. Because the North Limited Purchase Policy The company is now developing the foreign market, and the company can be reimbursed for the company for the company. (Reimburse the two-way car fees by valid bill)

7. Foreign customers pick up the car to pick up the car. This shop is free to handle (7-30 days), there is no need to worry about the road.

Business hours: Monday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 30)
Enjoy national warranty service, customer first, reputation first,

Address: No. 45, Gallery Road, Yucheng, Hebei Province

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