Toyota Harlanderta quote fell to the end to buy affordable

Recently, the author learned from the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota dealer, the store is in the store, and the maximum comprehensive discount of the car is 1-6 million, the current car is full of cars, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional restrictions , Complete procedures, national warranty, provide pick-up service, all procedures go to the car, come to the store to buy a car without any additional conditions, welcome friends to the store to talk about!

Tips: During the event, you have a chance to call the car. Get one of the manufacturers sponsored (20,000) decoration split. This store considers that the foreign customers come to Beijing to buy cars, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic charges [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket, plane ticket (limited to two people)] Considering that foreign customers are not crossed. There is a special car to pick up, welcome to the store to buy a car.

[123 ] Guide price (10,000)

Special price (10,000)

Current car


2.0T two-drive elite version 5 2018


The lowest price of the electricity


Hanland Dada




The lowest price

There is a car

Hanland Da

Current car

[123 ]

2.0T four-wheel drive luxury version of 720




There is a car

2.0T two-drive distinguished version 7 2018

29.98 [123 ]

[ 123] Hanlanda

Seven 2018




Package: Full Stomach Film, Driving Recorder, Subthea, Foot Pad, Cool Pad, Handling, Chicken Leather, Scorpion, Motivation Board, Body Sea Glaze, Site Sealing, Rear Condition, Reversing Image, leather seat, fender, navigation, DVD rear row entertainment head pillow screen, etc. design. In terms of configuration, the new car is standardized with front-row venom water, anti-UV insulation glass and air conditioning / pollen filtration function in the car. Deluxe Edition and above models are equipped with automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirrors displayed by radar, 6 parking radars before and after. Corresponding, all deluxe and luxurious navigation editions (including 2.0T two-drive / four-drive, 3.5L version) have a floating price of 3,000 yuan. In addition, 2017 Hanlanda has added a 2.0T four-wheel-way black limit version of the model, and the new car has increased the “dazzling exclusive kit” on the basis of the 2.0T four-wheel drive luxury model.

Second Heavy Protection: Guarantee Quality Ensure that every car is exported to the factoryProfessional testing, can drive home on the same day

The lowest price of the electricity There is a car Hanlanda 2.0T four-drive elite version 7 2018
[ 123] 2.0T two-wheel drive luxury version of 2018 Electricity Electricity for the lowest price
The lowest price There is a car
2.0T four-wheel drive Premier 7 2018 30.98 Electricity (123) There is a car
[ 123] There is a car
The interior section, 2018 Harlanderta basically continues the layout and design of the current model, and upgraded the details, the instrument panel is upgraded from 3.5 inch monochrome upgrade to 4.2 Inch color (excluding elite version), display vehicle information, navigation and AWD four-drive torque allocation. The newest version of the model is also added to the Deluxe version, and the glass can be opened separately and 10.1 inch in the 10.1-inch in the 10.1-inch in-plane control screen, support voice navigation and multi-touch operation. In terms of power, 2017 Harlandda will continue to carry 2.0T and 3.5L engine, the maximum output power of the two is 220PS, respectively. And 273PS, the transmission system matches 6-stop-handed self-integrated gearbox. The store has a six-guarantee: The first heavy guarantee: the original product car ensures a new car non-accident rework car. The specific price is subject to the phone or to the store.

Third Security: Ensure that the vehicle can be set up normally in the country, the national six emission standards.

Fourthweight: The goods are provided on the day

Fifth security: the sold vehicles can be stored in all parts of the country

Sixth Security: Due to the restricted purchase of the company, the company is now developing the field market, and the company can be reimbursed for the company for foreign friends.

(Reimbursement of two-person-free car fees) All employees welcome you! Dedicated to your service! All employees of this shop are looking forward to your visit, your satisfaction is our service! [

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