Toyota SUPRA China is announced … is more expensive than BMW Z4?

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↓ Toyota SUPRA officially listed ↓ [123

Toyota SUPRA expectation finally announced the domestic price of domestic sales, of which 2.0T models were priced at 496,000 yuan, 3.0T model The price is 6.26 million yuan, compared with the BMW Z4 price (48.88-63.38 million) with the platform. This also shows that Toyota does not think that the position of Supra is lower than the BMW Z4, or even because of its hard top COUPE structure, the rigidity and driving feeling of the vehicle will be better than BMW Z4.

Actually, all new Toyota Supra is very familiar. After all, this car has been released for more than 2 years. Nowadays come to China, it is also a hanging foot. The appetite of the fans. Through the current Toyota dealer’s news, Supra wants to pick up the car or have a price increase, the actual price of the 2.0T model is approximately 550,000, 3.0T model is more than 700,000 prices! Such a quote is indeed, and it is also a shocking thing that is now a shocking power of China’s consumers today!

This introduction of domestic SUPRA provides 2.0T low power engine on the power system and 3.0T engine optional, maximum power is 197, respectively. 340 horsepower, the maximum torque is 320, 500 nmIDDOT; M, each match the ZF 8AT gearbox and the rear wheel drive system, the hardware specifications are the same as BMW Z4. However, the lighter body brought by the non-hoist, 2.0T and 3.0T SUPRA 0-100KM / H acceleration were 6.5 seconds and 4.3 seconds, respectively, which is 0.2 seconds than the same engine.

According to official information, this SUPRA provides six kinds of body colors, including the main “霞红” colors. In addition, the 3.0T model is provided with a 19-inch double-fifth radiation black wheel. The tire specification is 255/35 ZR19, and the original model of the 2.0T model is 18 inch double-five spokes, and the tire specification is 255/40 ZR18. . In terms of interior color matching, the 3.0T model provides red black double fight and full black interior, and the 2.0T model is full of red and full black interior.

As a model with the Z4 platform, the interior design of Supra is also very “BMW”, whether it is steering wheel style, blocking shape, multimedia The operation knob is very similar to the BMW model. However, for Toyota, which is not good at interior design, Supra’s interior is also an upper level in the brand.

In other configurations, 3.0T models have mainly doubled the rear axle LSD limit sliding differential, and the front brake is also Upgrade from a single Pista to the Brembo four piston calipers, and more mobile phone wireless charging, HUD header display, and seat heating.

is successful in the Great Wall Rapuka After that, Great Wall Motors predict the new full-size pick-up model this week, the new car positioning is similar to the Ford F-150, Toyota Toyou, which is familiar with our familiar Ford F-150, Toyota, and the first appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show opened this month.

From the official preview, the head of the new pickup uses the same car logo design with the Great Wall. The inner round headlights are even a bit like the Havaldog dog we are familiar with, and the big car standard can also improve the momentum of the front.

The tail is designed with a penetrating taillight, which is still relatively rare in pickup. According to officialAccording to the news, this full-size pickup uses the latest 3.0T engine in the Great Wall, as well as the longitudinal 9AT gearbox of the Great Wall, and uses four-wheel arm independent suspension, which can effectively improve the vehicle. Comfort and driving experience. In addition, this high-end pickup can even select an air suspension and an electric control shock absorbing system. Considering that users who currently buy high-end full-size leather cards in China are used to household and self-driving tour, they are also very reasonable for four-wheeled independent suspension. After all, they don’t have users who have the need for goods. Instead, they will not choose full size leather card.

Since it is a full-size leather card, the new car will be very large on size, and it is expected to reach around 5.9 meters similar to F-150. There is no more than 6 m capsules required for the C1 driver’s license, and most of the drivers can drive on the way. As for the price, consider the current price of Haval H9, and 207,800, the Great Wall canname is 207,800, so we speculate that this full-size leather card should be around 25-3 million. Just regret, although the new picard power is stronger, the size is large, but it is still subject to domestic pick-up policy, such as 15 years of compulsory scrap, some cities are prohibited, so the pricing will not be too exaggerated.

What do you think this new pickup card is?

↓ Audi A7L real car exposure ↓

Distance Audi A7L The first year of Shanghai Auto Show is getting closer and closer, and this new model has gradually unveiled its mystery. Recently, some netizens took A7L’s low-camouflage in China. From the photos, the A7L’s car tail is basically used in the design idea of ​​importing A7. The running light and the sleeper small duckling look more than A6L. Young dynamic.

From the side, the real car of the A7L no longer has the uncoordinated sense of the spy photos, is a normal sedan proportion. Although it is a long model, the back door and the roof lineStill harmony, the design of the frameless door also makes A7L than A6L more constructed.

As for the power part, domestic A7L will use the same power assembly as A6L, including 2.0T high and low power (190, 224) Horsepower) and 3.0T V6 engine (340 horsepower), fully equipped with 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, and provides pre-drive and timely four-wheel drive system optional.

Imported A7 SportBack

Strictly, domestic A7L is more like a blessing-free version of A6L, not extended version A7, so this The future pricing potential will be close to A6L, but can attract young users with a frameless door.

the latest generation Mercedes-Benz C Since its release, the level has been received a lot of attention, especially the interior design of the new car, absolutely weighing the size of the small number, luxurious. In addition, the 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meter used in C-class, and 11.9-inch vertical central control screen created a strong sense of technology. Not exaggerated, the new C-class interior is called optimal superior.

is recently, a group of overseas minimum Mercedes C180 is exposed. From the photo, high-equipped models are beautiful in the car, and the brightly decorative panel with a pattern of the center is disappeared. Instead, the black plastic texture of the large area of ​​the deputy driving, the central T field is changed to the traditional bright black piano paint design.

Of course, this is not a focus, the low-equipped interior is also done on the screen size. The castration, 12.3-inch LCD instrument castrated into 10.25 inches, wrapped a huge black plastic border outside the meter, cheapFeel full! The original 11.9-inch vertical central control screen has also become a horizontal 9.5 inches, and the lower part becomes the entity button design. However, it is also harmonious to change the change in medium control screen compared to the gains of the gauge.

Considering that the Mercedes-Benz C-class car is still very advanced in the hearts of the people, I hope that Beijing Mercedes-Benz domestic new generation C-level Class C Even if it is the lowest model type, don’t reduce the two big screens in the car, otherwise it is a bit flying!

Millet released on March 30 At the meeting, the Chairman of Xiaomi Group announced that Xiaomi officially entered the intelligent electric vehicle industry. As we all know, the most important thing to make a car is to have funds. Lei Jun said that in this regard, everyone does not have to worry, Xiaomi as a world-renowned mobile Internet company, 2020 cash reserves have 108 billion yuan, and Lei Jun also said that the perpetrator will take a ribbed subsidiary of RMB 10 billion. The cumulative input will reach 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years (about RMB 65.6 billion).

In addition to funding, Xiaomi’s 1.7 billion “rice noodles” users are also the guarantee of millet products, and the fans are far more than other new forges. . In rice flour, there are many future main car consumption groups after 80, 90 or even 00. If Xiaomi’s future car is still able to continue the cost of electronic products, high quality ratio, equivalent to the starting point of the car It is better to be higher than Wei Si, Ideal, Xiaopeng.

In other words, gambling the first half of the glory, the last business, the Lei Jun, if you can take out a sincerity model to put the market, It is very likely to let the millet can be shot and red. From the current electric vehicle market, Xiaomi’s first vehicle is likely to be a model with Tesla Model 3. The parameters will be relatively close, but the price may pull to about 15-.2 million, continue to continue Xiaomi has consistent high-performance style. If this is true, Xiaomi cars really will let the domestic electric vehicle market reshuffle.

After the Lei Jun announced the product, some netizens had a simple re-combination of the name of the Lei Jun, which became the word “tram”. It seems that the fate of Lei Jun and electric cars is also destined to the fate of Lei Jun and electric vehicles …

↓ Beijing promotion school regulations 消


On 30, March 30, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau officially opened the “school rules and regulations” business, and the driver of Beijing can learn from the “traffic control 12123” app Law reduction function online learning, each study can reduce 1 point, one score period (1 year) can reduce 6 points. In fact, this function of online learning and mining has been implemented in Guangdong and other areas, and it is also a change of some slight violations.

It is worth mentioning that this elimination behavior is also a strict policy restriction, such as cumulative deduction when ingredient. Can’t reach 12 points. At the same time, if the motor vehicle driver escaping after a traffic accident, or other illegal cars, or other illegal cars, or other illegal cars, can not be learned. It should be noted that ingredients do not mean that you want to do what you want, you can’t relax your vigilance because you can eliminate yourself.
* Do you think Toyota Supra is priced?

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