Toyota will build a Land Cool Luze electric version to build 70 lines of the Australian market.

According to the Australian Media Caradvice, Toyota Automobile is working with the Australian Mining Giants and Billy, which is an electric transformation against the Land Cool Road 70 Series of the Australian market. The current prototype is under testing.

[Figure shows the electric renovation plan of Toyota official operating knife]

message display, fencing this time The transformation is Toyota’s product planning and research and development department in Victoria. structure. However, Toyota does not announce the specific data of the new car in the power and battery capacity or endurance level, and the transmission information that is mixed with the motor has not been disclosed.

[Figure is the electric renovation plan for Toyota official operating knife]

Mustic President of Bailuoto Mining Company · Edgar · Basto said in the official news manuscript, replacing the diesel engine to the motor can significantly reduce vehicle emissions. If this transformation can be successfully used, then the company’s minimal emissions are very considerable. This in-depth cooperation with Toyota is an important step in the company’s energy saving and emission reduction, helping to achieve the goal of reducing 30% of operational emissions 2030.

[Figure is the electric renovation plan for Toyota official operating knife]

The first batch of prototypes planned in a nickel mine in Western Australia The road test, and the civilized prospects for this electricalization transformation, Toyota currently refuses to disclose any news.

[Figure is the electric modification scheme of GB AUTO]

In fact, this is not the first time in the Australian market, AUD Cool Luze 70 Series off-road vehicles, before this, GB Auto, located in New South Wales, has launched the 70-strand of electrified transformation and named TEMBO 4X4 E- LV, new car uses VIVThe battery pack provided by OPOWER. In actual testing, TEMBO 4X4 E-LV is about 80-100 kilometers on cross-country and ordinary travel sections, and such practical effects also help the company to receive 2500 sets of electricity transformation orders, total value about It is 330 million Australian dollars (about 1.65 billion yuan, the cost of bicycles is about 660,000 yuan)

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