Toyota’s FJ Cool Road Jersey’s latest market

Wrangler is the most common model of the ultimate off-country capability in the overgrowth, which is extremely playable. The Wrangler also has a strong opponent, but this model’s Chinese import version has already quit the Chinese market in 2016. This car is from the high-yield manufacturer of Yuefang, Toyota, Toyota, Toyota.

Toyota FJ Cool Luze FJ Cool Luze is a derivative model of the LC car, pays tribute to the second generation Land Cool Luze FJ40 in the design design. It is starting from this generation of models, and the LC system starts throughout the world and is widely welcomed by consumers. In order to commemorate the contribution of LC40, Toyota launched a FJ Cruiser concept car in 2003. In 2007, Toyota was almost unhappy. It is also the FJ Cool Luze we have now seen.

FJ Cool Luze adopts a round lamp design similar to the FJ40, and the head does not hang Toyota cattle label, but a classic alphabet. Friends who are familiar with Toyota off-road vehicles will learn that the strongest models of Toyota’s own off-road vehicles will use a classic alphabet. That is, the letter labeled is Toyota’s certification of a cross-road vehicle performance, so FJ Cool Luze does not be underestimated.

FJ Cool Luze adopts unique to open door in SUV, which can shorten the axial gain better passability, but also guaranteed the back row The practicality, two in one fell swoop. And can improve the rigidity of the body to a certain extent, so that this car has stronger impact resistance.

The off-road vehicle must, of course, after using the lattice preparation, and in order to highlight the position of the hard-traveled off-road, it cannot be equipped with a tire cover. This FJ Cool Luze uses this. Design, the gas field is full. The styling of the taillights and the design style of the body, and the strength is revealed in the round.

The interior style of FJ Cool Luze is also different from other Toyota off-road vehicles. FJ Cool Luze’s interior style is closer to the Wrangler, the cross-country triple table above the center console is the compass, clock, and level, and a very necessary equipment for off-road vehicles. FJ Cool Luze adopts classic snakeThe port is designed, and it is located next to the gear. The instrument panel also uses retro white, pay tribute to FJ40.

FJ Cool Luze is equipped with a 1GR engine, the maximum horsepower 272PS, peak torque 379 nmiddot; M, matches the felt reliable 5AT gearbox. FJ Cool Luze adopts a divided four-wheel drive system that is more suitable for “real players”, can switch between two drives, high-speed four-drive, low speed four-driven. In addition, FJ Cool Luze also adopts double fuel tank design, with a total volume of 72L, and does not require additional oil storage equipment for long-distance crossing.

FJ Cool Luze can be said to be the most personal one in Toyota cross-country camps, and it is also the strongest power. From the positioning, the FJ Cool Luze and the Wrangler are very close. They are dedicated to the “real players” big toys, but FJ Cool Luze is not good in China. The Chinese version is still discontinued in 2016, let this Off-road vehicles excellent in performance become more likely. Today, the Middle East version of FJ Cool Luze will also launch the Chinese market. If you like this car, don’t miss this last new car.

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