Traditional tachograph is about to leave the stage iron general traffic safety integration (ONE-S) turned advent

Zhongshan November 4, 2019 / PRNewswire / – According to Ministry of Public Security data show that in 2018 car ownership in China reached 240 million, the driver reached 409 million people. There is no doubt that China has become a big country automobile trip. At the same time, traffic safety issues the majority of owners are also suffering from attention. Recently, well-known automotive manufacturers Iron General Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. pioneered the integrated security features eight all-in-one traffic recorder – Iron General traffic safety integrated, comprehensive general this iron traffic recorder functions, the generals also do this from the iron a very conception of Western style name “ONE-S”, highlights a number of functional modules in a set of screen display features. This section Iron General tachograph, which can effectively help the majority of owners of road safety, enjoy the charm of intelligent driving brings.

Iron General tachograph (driving safety integration) After intense closed beta and open beta, its performance has been fully optimized for the upcoming year during the two-eleven official mass market sale to the public, both to provide many owners a “cut the hand” of good reasons, but also to the majority of owners to provide a good opportunity to experience a safe driving, smart driving.

traffic safety integrated grand public

domestic landmark intelligent automotive electronics

Iron General The launch of the road safety integration It is a leading domestic auto electronics market innovative “intelligent DVRs.” It took six months, at a cost of more millions, hundreds of people iron generals elite team full participation, a leading innovator of this section, “wooden Paint iron generals tachograph” product embodied in what it?

Briefly, an integrated traffic safety integrated iron general form of a modular instrument video traffic, tire pressure monitoring, the former anti-collision warning, blind spot monitoring, seat-belt reminder, interior air quality detection, parking radar , eight security alerts and other features parking, to achieve “a device in hand, there are eight full installation equipped.” Owners after the installation of the intelligent module, you can see in real time on the Iron General tachograph and heard a voice reminding these security modules, apart from traffic safety to protect owners also very convenient.

compared with the current automotive electronics market similar products, general traffic safety integrated iron has the following advantages highlighted:

First of all, lower cost, allowing users to enjoy high car-level security configuration. In order to earn more profits, the current most car manufacturers will put the same models offered for sale in accordance with a different configuration, generally low with models not equipped with tire pressure monitoring, parking radar and other security configuration, the user wants to enjoy better to active and passive safety services, you need to buy with models or increase alone installation, cost a lot of money. Even many entry models made in China to save money, do not provide these security configuration features models. In contrast, the owners purchasing this Iron General tachograph and the corresponding module, it is possible with minimal cost, enjoy a high level of security services.

Meanwhile, the iron further includes general traffic safety integrated current concept fit “Industry 4.0”, and the safety function module capable of “on demand installation.” In simple terms, before the purchase of the function module and the host via a wireless signal link, the user can according to their own driving habits and preferences, free to buy the function module you want to avoid duplicate configuration superposition waste. General iron visible in the development of this product, for the owners to provide a more humane considerations.

Further, the iron general traffic safety integrated safety features which are integrated on a tachograph iron general, minimizing the interior area originally occupied by the installation configuration, so that more clean and streamlined cab interior to enhance the visual beauty, but also to the driver’s operation easier, better concentration, more conducive to ensure traffic safety for drivers.

eight modules, a screen with a full

so that owners enjoy luxury car class security services

to the general driving iron technology accumulation recorder for a long time is the cornerstone of an integrated road safety will require current owners of most of the security features together in a machine specifically covers the following major security module:

before the anti-collision warning and blind spot monitoring feature uses cutting-edge contemporary aircraft-grade millimeter wave technology, with sophisticated algorithms, significantly improve the accuracy, enables accurate monitoring under the rain, snow, fog, haze and other weather conditions.

TPMS tire pressure monitoring, real-time monitoring tire pressure tire and tire temperature, but also reduce tire traveling wear and improve fuel economy. At the same time, the system findsWhen an abnormality, the alarm will automatically, the owner can view the first time and processed on the iron general tachograph.

PDA parking sensor, comprising longitudinal ultrasonic detection function, to the general iron sophisticated radar technology, with a wireless transceiver technology, allowing users to more easily reversing storage and passage through the high-definition image on the iron General tachograph, side parking and other operations.

SBR seat belt reminders, effective monitoring of the co-pilot seat belts and rear passengers, so the driver away from the risk of traffic tickets, but also improve the safety of the entire vehicle drivers and passengers.

CAS case after leaving the vehicle owners can grasp the car parking prompts to ensure. It sets the parking monitoring, vehicle theft, integrated sound and light alarm, the owner can effectively eliminate worries.

Furthermore, traffic safety integrated iron General PM2.5 air quality monitoring is also provided, the display quality of the air inside the vehicle, vehicle PM2.5 real-time detection and volatile poisonous gases, the bicycle by real iron general tachograph health workers and passengers.

Unlike the hard integration solutions on the market, the general use of iron dual multichannel radio receiver technology, the perfect link eight functions, optional installation of freedom, the new feature is not extended on a subsequent section.

Meanwhile, the entire platform by General iron “STEEL-MATE-V1.0” deep customization program, the monitoring sensors and the operation can be concentrated on the tachograph iron general feedback. In addition, this iron General tachograph not only the application of sophisticated and mature technology, polish in details also under the foot work, just the studio security tone of the functions is a well-known musician in more than a million after repeated scrutiny finalized.

in order to optimize the user experience, so that owners can enjoy the full range of security protection as the leading luxury car class, iron generals launch of the tachograph, conform to the current trend of intelligent network-linked vehicle development, but also fit the automotive industry more and more attention to new wind driving safely.

think of safety, think of iron general

rooted in intelligent automotive electronics

a keen grasp of market demand, continue to promote technological innovation,Iron General Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is 20 years to obtain sustainable development reasons.

Iron General Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, early iron General first in the country to launch car alarm, reversing radar and other explosive product, quickly gain a firm foothold in the automotive after market. In recent years, the general trend of iron and timely comply with the “new four modernizations” of the automotive industry, increase the innovative automotive electronic product development efforts, Iron General tachograph have been published.

In general iron view, the current automotive industry is facing an unprecedented era of great change, with the intelligent network will become a new driving force in the industry. The popularity of intelligent network-linked vehicles, various types of sensors can not be separated based on the “perception” of high-performance on-board computer based on “information processing algorithms and strategies” and based on “link capability” 5G communications.

Therefore, iron generals this release traffic safety integration is the “chopper small scale”, I believe based on iron generals strong research and development, combined with manufacturing experience and resources of iron generals than two decades of accumulated and by leading vendors and technologies partners to build the whole industry chain, the future will continue cultivating the generals iron automobile market to get more space for development.


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