Troubleshooting magotan cars by encoding and matching two cases

Case 1

Failure phenomenon: a 2009 annual output of FAW – Volkswagen Magotan 1.8TSI car, equipped with six-speed DSG gearbox 02E, mileage 80 km. The car was sold new car soon, beauty shop in the car after the installation DVD navigation, the right menu button on the multifunction steering wheel loss of function (Figure 1), the meter multi-function display when you press the button does not respond.


Check Analysis: Because of the failure is in the DVD navigation installation, then suspect a problem related with the navigation system. DVD navigation dismantle, restore the original state of the vehicle, put back the single-disc CD player, multifunction steering wheel again to see whether the recovery of function, the result fault persists.

FIG. 2

using the vehicle fault diagnostic VAS5052A examination, no fault code is present in the system. Found multifunction steering wheel circuit diagram (FIG. 2) can be seen to the right of the steering wheel E441 multifunction button transmits a signal to the control unit via the steering column via the steering control unit LIN line J453 J527, J527 steering control unit through a CAN line The control unit J285 meter data exchange. The above analysis data transmission path, the failure can be seen to involve many components, component by component, to check if a lot of trouble, especially in the measurement of the steering column control unit J527 pin is very inconvenient, and it is possible to view the data through the principle of analysis to narrow the troubleshooting flow range.

Figure 3

There is no separate steering control unit J453 diagnostic address code, the keys may flow to the multifunction steering wheel of the data J527 transmission of information to be checked. J527 view the data flow region 1 of the ninth group of numerical display 08 (FIG. 3), the value of the display 10 (display key value of each other see FIG. 1) when pressing the right button menu, indicating that the steering column control unit J527 key signal has been received, thus eliminating the possibility of failure of the element and the lines between J453 to J527. Next, CAN communication data is read by the gateway J533, the display value is 1, indicating that the CAN communicationNormal (1 means normal, 0 indicates not normal). Then check the instrument, the instrument can be seen from the gateway normal display list and press the OK button and the meter display button on the steering wheel Tiptronic respond. Maintenance moment no clue, access to training manuals, find J527 also has a very important function code should be checked, but there is no data encoding rules introduced Magotan sedan J527, and J527 I found only encoding rules Sagitar sedan. VAS5052A by the guide function, the resulting code is 13141, but the value of the encoder found Click horn sounding. Using the encoding rules provide diagnostic software 5053 is encoded to obtain coded 1111, I found which is consistent with the encoding of the original 1111 car.

Troubleshooting: J527 after 1111 is encoded in the encoding, the multifunction steering wheel right menu button to return to normal, thus troubleshooting.

reviewed: communication and beauty shop personnel, that they after installation of navigation, using DVD video player too, causing the vehicle battery power loss can not be started, then replace the battery. The author analyzes, precisely because of the power failure is not normal vehicle can not be coded identification J527, resulting in the emergence of car failure, failure can be ruled out after re-encoded using the VAS5052A. The author of this will J527 encoding rules Magotan sedan is listed (Figure 4), for your reference.

Figure 4

Case 2

Failure phenomenon: a 2010 annual FAW – Volkswagen Magotan 1.4TSI car, equipped with 0AM type 7-speed DSG transmission. Car maintenance personnel do PDI (pre-delivery inspection), fault information is found stored in the transmission control unit “06247 P1867 000 and” “49717 U0235 000” (FIG. 5).

Figure 5

Check Analysis: prompt fault diagnostic VAS5052 fault information meaning “driveline -J527 data bus signal absence” and “cruise control front distance range sensor loses communication “Thus, the transmission control unit NoneMethod cruise control and steering unit J527 to J743 communication means. Try to clear the fault code, but can not clear the fault code is displayed.

from the configuration point of view of the vehicle, the vehicle equipped with only an ordinary steering handle switch, the cruise control means is not disposed. Enter the address code 16 into the steering control unit J527, the read data stream is also found that the vehicle cruise control system is not installed. Is J527 coding errors? Then check the coding for 1101 J527, J527 comparison with other coding MAGOTAN car found consistent coding. For the cruise control function paragraph magotan car, can be turned VAS5052 (01-11-11463) or off (01-11-16167), but also to J527 encoded by an engine control unit, in order to open or turn off the cruise control function.

Figure 6

can be seen through VAS5052, cruise control function of engine control unit is not turned on (FIG. 6), why transmission control information stored fault “front distance range sensor loses communication with a cruise control” in the cell it? View a list of gateways, you can see all the transmission system of the vehicle only control unit stores this fault information, indicating that the problem is most likely in the transmission control unit itself. Then, the information transmission control unit 0AM type needed to match the settings need to be with other control units it? See training manual transmission system, it can be seen from the diagram data exchange between the control unit, the information transmission control unit J743 comprises information required steering control unit J527 and J533 gateway control unit and the like sent, and the manual He stressed that the information needs to be adapted according to the vehicle.

Figure 7

Troubleshooting: input to the transmission system address code in the VAS5052 02, find the “matching machine electronics unit assembly information” (FIG. 7), and follow the steps matching operation is performed, the final matching step is completed, the fault information within a transmission time control unit may store cleared.

reviewed: As the transmission control unit stores the failure information of the originalBecause, the author analyzes the car should be turned on by the engine control unit has been cruising function, the need for open transmission control unit re-match after this function, otherwise it will store a fault code.

(Li Xin)

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