Urged future travel changes, Magna China’s first production electric drive system products

Shanghai October 18, 2019 / PRNewswire / – After two years of project development, plant construction and technology centers for capacity-building, Chinese domain Magna electric drive system Co., Ltd in China commissioned its first Taipower drive system, the product will support Volkswagen, commissioning ceremony held at the new plant in China domain Magna.

Chinese domain Magna Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. The new plant in Shanghai, started up its first Taipower drive system

“Today is our powertrain electrification in strategy implementation process very exciting time, “Tom Magna powertrain president amp; middot; Locke said,” after two years of preparation and development, we are very pleased to see the first stage localized electric drive system put into production, but also look forward to creating a core partner with Chinese domain more milestone greater achievements. “

the new plant in China in the field innovation Park in Shanghai Baoshan industrial Park, covers an area of ​​about 66,000 square feet Meter. Plant will mainly produce new energy vehicles and high-voltage power module drive system.

Chinese domain Magna joint venture founded in 2017. For the first customer orders, joint venture companies to take advantage of the Magna innovative, highly integrated electric drive system, focus on China market production of the system. Magna and Chinese domain market development for both parties in the joint venture, development, manufacture and supply of advanced aspects of key components of gearboxes, inverters, motors, etc., etc. to give a high degree of support, and will continue to expand the localization of core competencies .

Since 2011, Magna has always been committed to the development and manufacture of complete electric drive systems and hybrid vehicles, a variety of powertrain product portfolio – from traditional power, 48 volt products to pure electric drive for travel into the future and laid a solid foundation.



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