Vehicle maintenance is the most easily overlooked accessories

ignition wire

Many people know that the spark plugs should be changed regularly, but it ignores the maintenance of other parts of the ignition system, ignition wire is one one. When the engine is running, the ignition line often tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage pulse current, because it is a long time to work in the heat, dust, vibration environment, the inevitable aging and even damage to occur. Therefore, it, like spark plugs, but also require frequent replacement of consumables. Aging and broken ignition wire ignition energy will make a significant reduction in fuel consumption of the engine rises, power down, can cause serious misfire, which is fatal fault for engines with catalytic converters is. According to foreign experience, even without any fault, each with about twenty thousand kilometers ignition wire set also need to be replaced. Many domestic car owners often have to wait until the engine fails to start operating instability can not even think of when checking the ignition system, but in this case, since the ignition system components from potential damage and waste fuel and wear and tear on the engine caused by far more than the its own value. Furthermore, the ignition system distributor cap, sub-fire, ignition coil, spark plug, the plug member should be in the other routine maintenance, inspection range.

Brake disc

the brake disc and the brake shoe are a pair of friction, wear of the brake shoe, the brake disc there will be some wear and tear, the reason is very simple and obvious, but many people only pay attention to replace the shoe during maintenance of vehicles, but often overlooked replace the brake disk. Excessive wear of the brake disk is a very serious consequences, first of all, due to the reduced surface roughness, so that the actual contact area becomes small, resulting in insufficient braking force; Further, the heat capacity of the brake disc after the wear decreases, the brake continues when the temperature rises quickly, more prone to thermal decay phenomenon. All these while driving is very dangerous. Some repair shop to severe wear on the brake disc lathe surface treatment, commonly known as ldquo; CD rdquo ;, As a result, the surface is smooth, but the disk becomes thinner, heat fading phenomenon when braking will be more severe further, the high-temperature annealing causes the brake disk produced in the process, further reducing the mechanical strength. Generally, after replacing the brake shoe 2 to 3 times, the brake disc should also be replaced. Do not feel bad that a few hundred dollars, after all, human life is priceless.

generator bearings

Now many repairman was dubbed ldquo; stevedores rdquo ;, meaning only for parts, not maintenance. In fact, some of the components as long as required to maintain, their life is greatly extended, the generator is one of them. Some years ago, a generator in the car fairly expensive components, when Hou, a set of system maintenance on the generator, such as time lubrication, replacement of bearings, adjust, replace the carbon brush, touch adjustment in maintenance requirements of automobile point gap and so on, and now with lower component prices, and routine maintenance of the generator has gradually been ignored. In fact, if the check in accordance with the above, replacement of the bearings, the life of the generator can be extended at least doubled. Generally, when the vehicle is traveling 6-80000 kilometers, it should overhaul the generator, in addition, water pump, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor bearings should be checked regularly. The

cars very few important electrical connectors with gold contacts, most of the remaining fittings are made of copper – zinc alloys, under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed, but if the car long-term operation at high temperatures, high humidity, bumpy environment, it is possible to produce these joints loose, rust, poor contact failure. Thus, during routine maintenance, the computer should focus on the joint member, a sensor, nozzle, check the car, if there is loose, corrosion phenomena can handle it with Vaseline, or replaced with a new plug.

From the point of view to use, the chassis member actually more problematic than the engine.


oil damper is damaged aura, additionally, on a bad road with bumps or significantly increased braking distances are also cause damage to the sign of the damper.

The suspension control arm sleeve

After the sleeve damage is the vehicle deviation occurs, playing swing and a series of failures, even if wheel alignment is also to no avail. If you carefully check the chassis, sleeve damage is very easy to find.

tie rod

car steering rod steering rod Songkuang is a serious security risk, therefore, when routine maintenance be sure to double-check this site.Approach is very simple: hold the rod, shake vigorously, if not shaking, it shows everything is normal, otherwise, it should replace the ball or rod assembly.

of the exhaust pipe

of the exhaust pipe of the exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged components in the vehicle, do not forget to look at an overhaul. In particular, an exhaust pipe with a three-way catalyst, should be carefully checked.

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