Volkswagen Amarok Black Edition official figure using black kit

Recently, Volkswagen announced the official figure Amarok Black Edition as a special edition model, the new car with a pure black kit, make a new car look more domineering.

Amarok Black Edition Volkswagen Amarok pickup based on the cash to build from, the black paint is the biggest highlight of the new car, and we can see that, in addition to the new car is still grille chrome trim kept outside, the other parts of the body are replaced with black trim, with black aluminum wheels 20 inches so that the car like a general black warrior. Inside, the car has Nappa leather seats, electrically adjustable seats, power folding exterior rearview mirror configuration.

“The picture shows the 2018 models with interior Amarok”

In addition, as a protective coating in the cargo compartment, trailer stabilization system, automatic anti collision system configuration are also readily available. Power, the new car will continue to carry 3.0TDI diesel engine, the maximum power up to 258 horsepower and peak torque of over 550 Nm. Transmission side, matching 8-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive system and is equipped with 4Motion.

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