Volkswagen Bora price is affordable, enjoy the respect

Recently, the author learned from the SAIC Volkswagen dealer, the store is now in the car, and the maximum comprehensive discount of the car is 1-6 million. The current car is full of cars, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional restrictions, procedures Complete, national warranty, provide pick-up service, all the procedures go, come to the store to buy a car without any additional conditions, welcome friends to the store to talk about!

Tips: During the event, you have a chance to pay the car. Sponsored (20,000) decorative gift packs. This store considers that the foreign customers come to Beijing to buy cars, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic charges [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket, plane ticket (limited to two people)] Considering that foreign customers are not crossed. There is a special car to pick up, welcome to the store to buy a car.

988 million

[123 】 Sold in the country

The current car is sufficient

2020 Baolai middot; legendary 1.5L automatic fashion type

10.88 Wan

Electric meter

The current car is sufficient

2020 Baolai middot; legend 1.5L manual lead type [ 123]

2020 Baolai MIDDOT; legendary 1.5L automatic lead

1168 million


Electric meter

is full of cars

2020 1.5L manual fashion type

[ 123] Electric meter

The car is sufficient

2020 1.5L automatic fashion type

122 million

Sales [123 ]

2020 1.5L manual comfort


The current car is sufficient

[ 123] The national

Electric meter

is full of cars

2020 1.5L Automatic luxury

146 million

The current car is sufficient

2020 280TSIDSG elite


Electric meter

is full of cars

2020 280TSIDSG Deluxe

Sales National

Electric meter

The car is sufficient

[ 123] 2020 treasures come in appearance, which is quite small, and is roughly a classic value of the classic model. Still uses the family-style front face design, and the width of the front face is long. The beautiful waist line through and rear is interspersed on both sides, and the body of the body moves.

Bora’s interior design roughly continues the consistent public style. Carefully observe the new center console will be slightly driver, and the new embedded center console is equipped with an 8-inch LCD screen. The following is a profile button, support mobile phone interconnection, GPS navigation and voice control, basically It belongs to the young and young.

Dynamic, the model is mounted is an 1.5L natural gas intake engine, and its maximum horsepower can be up to 113, and its peak torque is 145N. m, the overall power performance is not very excellent, some consumers think this power assembly is not enough. However, it is ok to use to go to get off work. The fuel consumption is also a comparative economy, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 5.8L. The chassis is better, and if you start, you will not feel very hard.

this shop car Six security:

Second weight: guarantees quality to ensure professional testing before each car is factory factory, you can drive home on the same day

The third security: ensures that the vehicles sold can be set up normally, and the national six emission standards.

Guide price sold nationwide Cash discount [ 123] 2020 Baolai MIDDOT; legendary 1.5L manual fashion
Electric meter The car is sufficient
111 million Sales
The car is sufficient
The current car is sufficient 2020 1.5L automatic comfort 135,000 Sales of national
2020 1.5L automatic elite 139,000
The first heavy guarantee: the original formal commercial car ensures a new car non-accident rework car. The specific price is subject to the phone or to the store.

Fourthweight: The goods are provided on the day

Fifth security: the sold vehicles can be stored in all parts of the country

Sixth Security: Due to the restricted purchase of the company, the company is now developing the foreign market, and the company can reimburse the toll for foreign friends. (Reimburse the two-way fuses with valid tickets) All employees welcome you! Dedicated to your service! All employees of this shop are looking forward to your visit, your satisfaction is our service!

[ 123]

Business hours

: Monday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 30)


Factory direct sales, full car, complete color, can go throughout the country, national warranty


[ 123] Contact phon ; 151-0000-4686 Dosing Manager (24-hour online)

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