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Day, Beijing FAW Volkswagen 4S store new popular CC full promotion can be up to 600,000 yuan, the current car is full of car, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional restriction, complete procedures (invoice, certificate, vehicle consistency Certificate, PDI Test Certificate, Maintenance Manual, Three Package Voucher) All over the country can settle the card, national warranty, during the activities, call the car hotline has the opportunity to get the manufacturer sponsored 12,800 yuan decoration gift package [View news 4S shop sales consultation Telephone]

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[123 ] Volkswagen CC

2019 330TSI Huang Yan


2019 330TSI Charm Edition


↓ 7 / 90,000

Electricity is more favorable

The current car is sufficient

2019 380TSI mild version

Electricity is more favorable

The car is sufficient

[123 ] Guide price (10,000 yuan) The preferential amplitude (10,000 yuan) Current price (10,000 yuan) Current car
Electricity is more favorable [ 123] Volkswagen CC
The current car is sufficient Volkswagen CC 2019 380TSI Charm version 27.98 ↓ 7 / 90,000
Package content : Cars 3M imported film, full-enveloping mat, seat cover, set, motor shield, body sealing glaze, ground sealing, driving recorder, electronic dog, 360 degree reversing image, fender, navigation, DVD The back row entertainment headrest screen, car car wash pump, car air pump and other rich gifts. [View news bottom 4S shop sales consultation phone] On the appearance, the new car is perfect inherited the model design of the public Arteon. The front face is decorated with large-scale chrome-plated banners in front of them. Two chrome decorative strips of the upper part Extend to both sides and smartly connected to the lamp band in the headlight set, and the overall visual effect is very highlighted. Inheriting overseas version of Arteon design style, using the latest massive design language, the whole gives people a new new feeling, a large number of chrome trim strips is integrated with the front headlights, [View the bottom 4S shop sales consultation phone] [123 ] The mass CC uses the atmospheric body line, and a sharp waist line is directly connected to the rear taillights, so that the vehicle looks more complete, exercise. The waistline of the latch plate highlights is complemented by the raised duck, and the shape is very similar to the Audi A7. Two-two-bilateral exhaust layout, highlights a strong fashion sport. In terms of body size, the popular CC car is 4862mm, the car is 1870mm, the car is 1447mm, and the wheelbase is 2841mm. [View news bottom 4S shop sales consultation telephone] In terms of the tail, the modeling design is equally novel, with a smooth line, of which the tail tail is “small duck tail” design Improve the dynamic style. In addition, bilateral two outlet exhaust layouts are enhancedA certain sense of motion. Slope, the design element such as the frameless door is not used, so far, these designs are the landmark characteristics of the public CC, but also the design idea that always adheres to. On the new generation of CCs, more symbolic sports have a more vitality for this car [View news bottom 4S shop sales consultation phone]

[ 123] Before walking into the interior, the new generation of popular CC includes carbon fiber decorative panels, a variety of collision-like interior design, and excellent materials can give me a good first impression. In addition, other series of design elements are very familiar with, the three-wire multi-function steering wheel, 9.2-inch multimedia system, air conditioning control panel, and ribbon button layout, or the popular layout style. In terms of configuration, a new generation of CCs still have a small progress. In addition to more conspicuous full liquid crystal instrument panels, new cars are also equipped with full open skylights, Dan Tong, a panoramic image, automatic parking, steering wheel heating, three-temperature air conditioning, adaptive cruise and driving mode Select equal. [View news at the bottom of the 4S shop sales consultation telephone]

In terms of power, the new car will provide two 2.0T engines for different adjusted schools for consumers, with high power version models The maximum power is 220 horsepower (162 kW), the maximum power of the low-power version model is 186 hp (137 kW). In terms of transmission, a 7-speed DSG dual clutch gearbox will be matched. [View the news bottom 4S shop sales consultation phone]

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[123 ]

★ factory direct sales, price concessions, full car, complete color, can go throughout the country, national warranty!

★ Sales Manager: 186-1086-2770 Musk Manager

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★ The current car color configuration is complete, the lowest price, you went to the store to buy

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