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Recently, the author learned from the SAIC Volkswagen dealers that the store is in the store, and the maximum combination of the car is 1-1.2 million yuan. The current car is full of cars, the color is complete, sells nationwide, no regional restrictions, Fully complete, nationwide warranty, provide pick-up service, all procedures go through the car, come to the store to buy a car without any additional conditions, welcome friends to the store to talk about!

Tips: During the event, you have a chance to get a car. The manufacturer sponsored (20,000) decorative split package. This store considers that the foreign customers come to Beijing to buy cars, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic charges [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket, plane ticket (limited to two people)] Considering that foreign customers are not crossed. There is a special car to pick up, welcome to the store to buy a car.

The preferential price (10,000)

The car is sufficient

2018 Volkswagen New Huang takes the public a new generation plan concept, and its front face is horizontally stretched, and the big lights in the bilateral light are integrated. While the vehicle is visually visual, it highlights an atmosphere that the C-class car should have. From the side, Huang across the surface of the five meters of the body surface is elegant, and the double waistline plan is clear and powerful. After the tail of the double-faced, the LED tail light is bright, the visual effect is very cool. The chrome “phideon” label is the same as Phaetan, located in the middle position, showing Hui Quan as the honorable identity of the new generation of flagship models.

Volkswagen Huang will bid farewell to the third generation EA888 2.0T turbocharger and 3.0T V6 turtly boost tie. Zhongzhi 2.0T with the maximum output power of 165KW (224PS), peak torque 350 nmIddot; M. Huang Hui Yu 3.0T with the maximum output power of 220KW (299PS), peak torque 440n • m. Huang transmission part, the full model of Huang is a 7-speed wet dual polymeter gearbox. The 480 V6 models of the Guanmount 3.0T V6 machine boosting planning machine are also equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system and a self-suction atmosphere hanging system.The store has a six-guarantee:

Fourthweight: The goods are provided on the day

Business hours

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Factory direct sales, full car, complete color, can go throughout the country, national warranty


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Guide price (10,000)

Volkswagen Huang [123

2021 380TSI Deluxe Edition

34.00 [



2021 380TSI Premium Edition

[123 ]

The lowest price of the electricity



2021 380TSI flagship


The lowest price of the electricity [123

Package content: explosion-proof film, fender, carpet, perfume , Set, barrier, car clothing, headrest, pillow, seat cover, car, car Bluetooth, chassis, welcome pedal, tire cleaner, leather seat, driving recorder, tripod, fire extinguisher, steering wheel Lock, DVD navigation, reversing radar. 2019 The two characteristics of the new Volkswagen Huang hood bump delicate texture. The new car is equipped with the front headlights. Each headlight consists of 34 LEDs, the scientific skill is fit, and the horizontal intake of the chrome-plated trim strip is integrated into the front face. Atmospheric temperament. The bright headlights and LED day running lights, so that the front face is full of precision.

Internal design, Huang also reflects the status of flagship models while maintaining family style while maintaining the status of the flagship model as much as possible. Although the overall design of the interior does seem to have a certain similarity with Passat, the more wide landscape, peach wood pattern, and the atmosphere revealed by various metal texture striped decorations, it is not comparable to Passat. In addition, according to the different brows, it will provide Titan Black, Month, Espresso Brown and Royal Red Four Interior Color.

The first heavy guarantee: the original formal product car ensures a new car non-accident rework car. The specific price is subject to the phone or to the store.

Second weight: guarantees quality to ensure professional testing before each car is factory factory, you can drive home on the same day

The third security: ensures that the vehicles sold can be set up normally, and the national six emission standards.

Fifth security: the sold vehicles can be stored in all parts of the country

Sixth Security: Due to the restricted purchase of the company, the company is now developing the foreign market, and the company can reimburse the toll for foreign friends. (Reimburse the two-way fuses with valid tickets) All employees welcome you! Dedicated to your service! All employees of this shop are looking forward to your visit, your satisfaction is our service!

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Contact telephone [123 ]; 151-0000-4686 Dosing Manager (24-hour online)

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