Volkswagen ID.4 GTX test spy photos exposure or high performance sports version

Recently, we won a group of mass ID.4 GTX test spy photos, new cars or public version of the Volkswagen ID.4 high-performance sports model. From spy photos to see new cars adopt new front, post-hazard design to meet their movement.

[Fig), the public ID.4 GTX spy photos]

[123 ] [The picture above is the public id.4]

From the picture, the appearance of the new car and the public id.4 is almost the same, but if you carefully observe, you will find ID.4 GTX in front of the front face The area has LED day running lights, and the latter rod area also has a new design, and more abundant curved strips have highlighted the motion of the car.

The picture shows the public ID.4 GTX spy photos]

The car is provided in power to the four-motor four-wheel drive system, which is expected to be compared Volkswagen ID.4 is more powerful, 0-100km / h acceleration time is 6.2 s, and the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 180km / h. At present, the public has launched two models in China. According to the public information, the SAIC’s mass ID.4 X is equipped with a dual motor, the system is the maximum power of 225kW (306 horsepower), the biggest The torque was 460 N · m.

According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen Id.4’s listing time in overseas market may be at the end of 2021, and this sports version of ID.4 GTX may be unveiled later. (Image Source: Motor1)

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