Volkswagen cargo mass production version spy photos exposure

Recently, there were overseas media exposed a group of spy photos of a group of mass Cargo, and this spy photos also shot the front row of new cars for the first time. Compared to ID.BUZZ’s mass production is positioned in MPV, Cargo Gauge is positioned in a van.

It is not difficult to see that this exposure Volkswagen Cargo Gas Production is a vast truck version, the new car Although the face shape covers some camouflage, it has greatly exposed true appearance. The headlight group will use the through-type lamp group design, and the central expects to match the public’s latest LOGO. As a pure electric vehicle, the air intake port of the new car is only retained under the lower part of the front bumper, with both sides of the radar system to the center, it looks more simple.

As side, it is benefited from the use of the electric vehicle platform, the four rounds of the new car are very close to the head and the tail position, so that The new car happens very high, and the public has also used the double A-column design and is very similar to the public a new generation of Multivan. From the left side of this test vehicle, the new car did not design the back door, and the closed body suspension window design was used, which was very similar to the caro concept car, according to the official positioning, the new generation of Multivan will no longer Introducing the vast truck version, replacing this market will be the mass production version of Cargo.

In contrast, the design of the tail is very concise, although the taillight group uses some camouflage, but we can still It seems that the new car is suspected to use the through tail light group. In terms of interior, the new car interior uses ID. The design style of the family, the split dashboard and the medium control screen design are larger than the new generation MULTIVAN, along with the electronic wave shift lever design.

In terms of power, the new car will be created based on the MEB platform, so the single motor or dual motor layout will be used, and the battery is laying over the chassis of the new car. This design will also further enhance the interior of the car,To meet the space required for freight or internal members.

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