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Volkswagen ID.BUZZ once again conduct road testing is expected to be listed in the second half of 2022

Recently, foreign media took a group of public trolley versions unsempaed for open road test pictures. At the recently held IAA exhibition, Volkswagen also announced that the automatic driving technology developed by Argo Ai will be tested on

In the design, the shape of the four-four provides sufficient space, plus the innate advantages of pure electric vehicles, can make it accommodate Eight seats or a lot of goods. In terms of power, the model is expected to have a single motor and a dual motor version. The maximum output power of the single motor is approximately 150 kW, the maximum speed can reach about 160km / h, the corresponding battery capacity will range from 48 to 111kWh, the expected endurance mileage About 547km.

After the, it may mean that the popular T7MULTIVAN will completely There is a pure electric version, and the model is currently only the PHEV version. When is launched, the public ID. The family will further expand the model layout. At present, the series has a compact sedan ID. 3, compact SUV model id.4, China’s unique medium-sized SUV model ID.6, and will soon The launched SUV model id.5 and car id.vizion.

Although the public has not been determined ID.Buzz release time, but after Herbert middot; Meredith (Herbert Diess) has said that this model will be available in 2022. It may be released in the second half of this year and delivered in early 2023.

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