Volkswagen Jetta is not linked to the subject of how strength? FAW – Volkswagen Jetta VA3 worthwhile to buy

in the family car segment, high-quality products and force the price of coffee brother feel close to the people is an important factor to consider first of all car users , mention the name Jetta, good opening, rugged and durable tags are described Jie Daqia when vocabulary.

In 2019, the Jetta has become a car from a brand, and launched its first product compact SUV models Jetta VS5, followed on September 16, Jetta, Jetta second vehicle VA3 ushered in the market, its price range: 6.58-9.28 yuan, as the first Jetta sedan, Jetta VA3 product exactly how our own strength? It is worthwhile to buy it? The next brother to coffee and chat with everyone.

exterior and interior highlights

as a new brand, Jetta VA3 overall shape is still evident with the old Jetta models shadow, but the front part of the family has been out of the public restrictions design, the grille with a new design language, style is also more angular headlamps, the overall visual effect Colombian coffee that is still very fresh.

hexagonal grille design different from the mass modeling family, the interior of the diamond chrome to create a similar Gypsophila visual effects, to bring good sporty vehicle, the new brand LOGO taken from the first letter of JETTA quot; Jquot; and Volkswagen V-shaped profile.

Fusion well

headlight shape and the network together, the internal light halogen light source used in all groups.

surrounding the front fog lights on both sides of the region to mount the LED daytime running lights, looks more stylish design.

and silhouette quot; Volkswagen Jetta quot; almost no difference, the door handle is arranged on the waist, giving the impression that the visual is very compactAnd more lines equipped with a complex multi-spoke wheels, some lift sporty, body size length and breadth were 4501/1704/1469 (1479) mm, wheelbase is 2604mm.

As for the tail, Colombian coffee and feel the same as the front face also showing the characteristics of younger, more compact design lines, after surrounding the use of the new styling, the through chrome very good vehicle to enhance the sense of depth, the exhaust also uses a hidden design.

taillights also features a new shape, irregular shape so that the rear elements have become more personalized, lit interior showing quot ; Yquot; shaped structure.

into the car, also with an obvious shadow of the old Jetta models, whether the steering wheel, dashboard or air-conditioning vent, but it is noteworthy It is more than a console on a large-size LCD touch screen to enhance the interior a certain sense of technology.

Interior also makes extensive use of hard plastic trim, only the portion in contact with the arm on the door using cortical package, giving visual I feel less advanced, but would like to think the price is pretty consistent with the positioning of their products.

using the traditional instrument panel and with a central mechanical monochrome small screen, the overall shape and configuration of the instrument with the old Jetta similar.

three-spoke steering wheel multifunction button layout and shape with the same other popular models, but replaced by a new intermediate Jetta brand LOGO, and adopted cortex package, the overall grip feel good.

to provide

in the control region of a size of 8 inch LCD touch screen, the left common touch key function, also a display definition normal level of fluency is also very good touch operation, integrated Bluetooth, Voice recognition, and support CarPlay and CarLife Internet phone functions.


screen is equipped with a single-zone automatic air conditioning, a sense of rotation of the knurled knob good damping, coffee brother also key overall texture feeling is also good, the bottom is equipped with only a 12v socket, and no USB power interface to today’s consumer demands, such a configuration is indeed some not enough.

with models front seats with leather seats, creating a red and black color Young interior atmosphere, but the main passenger seat chairs are only supports manual adjustment, seat filler fairly soft, provides good support, but the flank of the body wrapped in a sense is not obvious.

Materials and rear seats was filled with the same front, back angle can not be adjusted, good cushion long enough, or can be integrally seated so that passengers have a good comfort.

Most of the same vehicle with the same level, and no independent rear vehicle air-conditioning outlet, rear armrest provides a big reservoir matter grid, and the middle of the rear floor raised more obvious, for middle passengers can straddle ride comfort decreased.

inside the luggage compartment floor flat, in the normal state volume of 546L, the overall performance is good storage space, since the rear seat can not be put, It affected some luggage space to expand capacity.

dynamic performance and driving control how?

Power, VA3 Jetta 1.5L equipped with a naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 82kW (111Ps), maximum torque 145Nmiddot; m, drive system, the match is a 6-speed or 5-speed manual automatic transmission, and six countries meet emission standards, the lowest one hundred kilometers of its Ministry of Industry and combined consumption is 5.6L.

Speaking from the Big Three products, VA3 and its Jetta models in the old Big Three is no different, even in body size and wheelbase only just ride height has a difference of about 10mm, is also equipped with the latest VW 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, transmission is still the familiar five-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic combination, therefore, Jetta VA3 texture in terms of driving, basic and old Jetta also consistent.

on the driving experience, the performance of this six-speed automatic transmission is superior dynamic performance of the engine, the 1.5L power to meet the city daily driving is good enough, transmission shift is relatively smooth, no sense of frustration, and also enables rapid and sensitive downshift operation at the time of rapid acceleration. Chassis structure using McPherson suspension independent suspension, torsion beam axle suspension, moderate hardness tuned such that its fairly good shock filter, by reduction with time, the overall sense of body and chassis very strong, but in the face of large potholes bumpy road, the filtering effect of the performance is very general.

The electric power Jetta VA3, calibration can be considered in terms of turning in place, that is too low compared to light, high-speed dead weight models, the intensity in the case of different speed feedback is more linear, and a smaller amount ranging Kuang steering wheel, point fairly good clarity.

written in the last

As VA3 Jetta Jetta brand’s first compact-class car, the vehicle itself and FAW – Volkswagen Jetta still has a lot of contact, its product quality and total power belongs to Chengdu Compare the kind of people at ease, and the new look is also out of the shackles of Volkswagen family design, more fashion elements was added, so that the overall shape is more younger, though, including jewelry texture slightly less, but combined with its top with models priced less than 92,800 yuan, Colombian coffee feel for users seeking cost-effective, the Jetta VA3 is a recommended practical family car!

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