Volkswagen Magotan B-Class leader in the short-lived price

Recently, the Beijing Volkswagen 4S shop clearance crazy promotions Festival, in-store brand-new Volkswagen Magotan are buy price of new and old customers, the store is complete factory sales tasks, get manufacturers rebate by manufacturers authorization, sold nationwide, the existing 2020 Volkswagen Magotan (six countries) Department offers a big promotion (within the last two months of the new goods vehicles), up to a comprehensive offer 70,000 yuan, the shop is now ample car now, full color sales country, no regional restrictions, complete procedures (invoice, certificate, certificate of conformity of the vehicle, PDI test certificate, maintenance manual, Warranty certificate) across the country can settle down on the card, Genius offers pick-up service, go all the formalities attendant , car worth 15,800 yuan spree gift to car shop without any additional conditions, to welcome all riders to go into the store! overseas riders to take into account the Beijing car journey away, where the car to the shop successful riders, two were reimbursed person one-way tolls ($ 2,000 to the contents of air tickets, train tickets, bus) [View news bottom 4S shop Tel]

2020, paragraph


2020 330TSI DSG lead type


The current car is sufficient

Volkswagen Magotan

2020 330TSI DSG luxury


The car is sufficient

Volkswagen Magotan

2020 330TSI DSG Premium

The lowest price of the electricity

[ 123] The current car

[] 2020, paragraph 123 380TSI DSG flagship


Power Conference lowest

sufficient current car

series models guide price (million) Price (million) current car status
Volkswagen Magotan 280TSI DSG comfort 18.69 power Conference lowest now ample car
Volkswagen Magotan 2020 models 280TSI DSG leading type 20.99 power Conference lowest is now ample car
The lowest price of the electricity
[ 123]
The lowest price of the electricity is full of cars Volkswagen Magotan 2020 380TSI DSG Deluxe
Volkswagen Magotan 2020 380TSI DSG distinguished type 26.99 The lowest price of the electricity The car is sufficient
Volkswagen Magotan
package contents: explosion-proof membrane, fenders, carpets, perfumes, the sets, rain shield, sewing, headrest, pillow, seat coverings, car hanging, Bluetooth, chassis shield, welcome pedal, tire cleaners, leather seats, tachograph, tripod, fire extinguishers, steering wheel lock, DVD navigation, reversing radar. changes in the new Magotan mid-term facelift to mention more, but there is nothing new on the count. More younger and lower grille surround, the new-style wheels, front and rear headlamps group underwent no small change, the whole style closer to the younger sports. Full Matrix Matrix LED headlight group comprises external double module, steering flow, 12 + 32 independently controls the LED light source, lighting effects older models have a certain upgrade compared. [View News body size, length and breadth were: 4865mmtimes; 1832mmtimes; 1471mm, wheelbase 2871mm body size of making the car look more slender. Two waist body side “sharp edges” are formed respectively to the rear fender extends along the front sides, which Angular waist design, so that the body side lines more slender and highly strong build sporty. The main change from the tail taillights upgrade, new boomerang LED light source, so that the car has more recognizable family, while the new English identity “Magotan “this is the latest Volkswagen family design appears below LOGO,.

major upgrade in the interior details, replacement of a new family multifunction steering wheel, while the whole of the liquid crystal instrument panel is also arranged to keep the currentDesign mainstream. The new central control touch screen, built a new “expert public” intelligent network-linked systems, has cell phone remote control function, the new Volkswagen Magotan is the brand’s first model equipped with Voice AI intelligent voice. Below the air-conditioning panel also upgraded to the latest touch design. In addition, the new MAGOTAN color stitching also increased the seat design, the interior atmosphere with 30 color lights, making the overall atmosphere of the interior becomes more younger.

The new Magotan new style more stylish diamond seat, ride comfort has improved over the old models, generous rear head restraints, extended the seat also fully consider the feelings of the rear passengers. Still has a rear comfort head restraints, boss key, panoramic sunroof, and many other configuration on the configuration. Driving assistance, the new L2 may be implemented magotan driving assistance level, 0-160km / h speed range covering the hand wheel from the alert monitor, before and after the pre-crash protection. In order to better guarantee driving safety. Telephone; 13261337870 Fengjing Li

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