Volkswagen Magotan off-season limited special price

4S shop Volkswagen Magotan full line of promotional during the off-season maximum discount of 1-8 million yuan, the shop is now ample car now, full color, national sales, no regional restrictions, complete procedures (qualified license, vehicle conformity certificate, PDI test certificate, maintenance manual, Warranty certificate) across the country can settle down, Genius offers pick-up service, all the procedures attendant to go to the store car without any additional conditions, to welcome you to the riders store elaborate tips:! during the event have access to dial the car hotline (20000) decoration spree sponsored by a factory. Our foreign clients taking into account the distance the car, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way ticket, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)].

2020, paragraph

2020 models 330TSI

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2020, paragraph

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models guidance preferential price
280TSI DSG comfort 186 900 1-8 Wan power Conference
2020 models 280TSI DSG leading type 209 900 1-8 Wan power Conference
DSG leading type 219 900 1-8 Wan power Conference
330TSI DSG Luxury 233 900 1-8 Wan power Conference
330TSI DSG distinguished type 258 900 1-8 Wan Power Conference
380TSI DSG Luxury 249 900 1-8 Wan power Conference
2020 models 380TSI DSG distinguished type 269 900 1-8 Wan power Conference
2020 flagship models 380TSI DSG 309 900 1-8 Wan power Conference

before the new face modeling

raindrop new grille and headlights integrated design, with a richer sense of aggressive lower grille, so the full impact face shape, highlighting the dynamic charm.


Active Info Display LCD Full Dynaudio Tanner advanced digital instrument surround sound world atmosphere distinguished interior lamp ClEAN AIR PM 2.5 air purification system radio advanced charging Nappa perforated leather seats

before Lingchuang passage

combinations of strong and efficient power anterior collar create, build. New magotan using three “T + D” dynamic combination, the perfect match to the engine and transmission, the power significantly improvedAt the same time, reduce fuel consumption.

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